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The Tongue of the Dying Thief

In his sermon "The Believing Thief," C.H. Spurgeon pointed out the remarkable way that the dying thief, who rebuked the other thief on the cross and asked Jesus to remember him, used the one thing he could to glorify Christ. The man had no use of his hands or feet. He could not response with anything but his tongue. Spurgeon explained, "He had no member that was free excep...

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On Jesus' Seeking and Saving

The account of Jesus and Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10) is a wonderful revelation of the sovereign grace of Christ in the salvation of sinners. In the context Jesus has told his disciples how hard it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. He demonstrates the impossibility (i.e. human impossibility) by the account of the rich, young ruler. He then turns around, almost imm...

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DeYoung and McClurg on Sexual Sanity

Last May, Kevin DeYoung (Senior Minister of University Reformed Church in East Lansing, MI) and Lynn McClurg (Vice President of Covenant Eyes) gave a series of lectures on Sexual Sanity at Harvest Orthodox Presbyterian Church. You can listen to them below: Sexual Sanity (session 1) - Kevin DeYoung Sexual Sanity (session 2) - Lynn McClurg Sexual Sanity (session 3) - Kevi...

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John Piper Angola Prison Q & A Audio

John Piper recently engaged some of the prisoners at Angola Prison in LA  in a Question and Answer time. You can listen to the audio here. You can watch the video here....

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Christological Purpose of the Exodus and Wilderness Experience

Richard J. Clifford points out some of the similarities between the OT experience of Israel in the Exodus and Wilderness, with the experience of believers in Christ in the NT. He writes: In the Gospels the Exodus appears in the voice of John the Baptist crying in the wilderness and the theme of the Way of the Lord. Matthew and Luke interpret the temptations of Jesus in th...

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Dr. David Murray's Blog

Dr. David Murray, Professor of Old Testament and Practical Theology at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, has a blog called Head, Heart, Hand. Dr. Murray is a godly and thoughtful man, who has some edifying and interesting thoughts. You can watch several videos of Dr. Murray speaking on various subjects here....

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Faith Comes By Hearing 2009 Top Audio Picks

Faith Comes By Hearing has compiled their Audio Roundup: Top Audio of 2009 list.  A few Christ the Center episodes made the list. We are thankful for all those who have faithfully listened to our shows....

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Brit Hume Explains Advice to Tiger

It is a rare thing in 21st Century America to hear an anchorman, from a major network news channel, urge someone to turn to Christ. This is precisely what Brit Hume did on this show. Hume went on the O'Reilly Factor to explain his initial comments. I wonder whether Hume is Roman Catholic or Protestant. He definitely professes faith in Christ in this interview. From the ...

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The Heavenly Scholar

This past Lord's Day, I preached a sermon on John 7:1-30. The title of the message was "The Heavenly Scholar." Here is the Audio and Video: Audio Keep Reading

Death as a Limiting Consequence

C.J. Mahaney, in his sermon "Death Swallowed Up in Victory," quotes D. A. Carson on the nature of death. Carson notes, "death is God's limit on creatures who want to be God...Death is God's determination to limit our arrogance." For the natural man, death is the cessation of life--and consequently the cessation of the enjoyment of God's goodness unto all eternity. Death is...

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