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Archives for August 2019

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The Flesh/Spirit Distinction in Pauline Theology

One of the most important, and yet most difficult, elements of Pauline theology is the Apostle's use of the flesh/Spirit (σὰρξ/πνεῦμα) antithesis. The antithetical construct is preeminently found in Romans and Galatians, and can really only be understood in its fullest significance when viewed through the lens of both the Historia and the Ordo Salutis.Througho...

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Peripatetic Sermon Prep

Discussions about sermon preparation tend to gravitate towards subjects involved in the formal processes of moving from the text to the sermon. There is no shortage of books, chapters, or articles in which one will find the various exegetical, theological, practical and homiletical elements of preaching. Among those works from which I have most benefited over the years ar...

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Raised Through the Blood

What is the central message of Christianity? This is a subject of timeless importance in a day when many insist that the central message is kindness in interpersonal relations; or that it is justice in its variegated societal implementation. However compelling the case may be made for either of these, the Apostle Paul gave us the divinely inspired center of the Christian ...

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On Controversy and Rules of Persuasion

John Newton once wrote a letter on rules of controversy to a fellow minister who informed him of his intention to confront another minister about that minister's supposed unorthodox doctrine. In this letter, Newton warned the man to 1) consider his opponent, 2) consider the public, and 3) consider himself prior to entering into the fray of theological debate. This sage c...

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The Canaanites Within

The doctrine of indwelling sin is one of the most important doctrines a Christian can diligently study. If we are going to make progress in growth in grace, we must gain a right understanding of indwelling sin. If we are going to be resolved to fight against the remainder of sin in our flesh, until we are in glory, then we need a right assessment about the prevalence and ...

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Van Mastricht, Edwards, and the Economic Trinity

In a letter to his disciple, Joseph Bellamy, Jonathan Edwards praised Petrus Van Mastrict's Theologia Theoretico-Practica as being "much better than...any other Book in the world, excepting the Bible, in my opinion."1 I have long wanted to compare Mastricht's theology with that of Edwards' in order to see where the scholastic theologian of the Great Awakening was influ...

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