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Archives for December 2010

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Modern Judaizers?

It appears that, more than ever before, we desperately need to answer the question, "What does Modern Judaizing look like?" The Judaizers were, of course, those false brethren who secretly came into the newly found church to spy out the freedom that Christians had in Christ. We don't have people creeping into our churches insisting that we need Christ plus circumcision to ...

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Oliphint Preaches at Greenville Full Confidence Conference

Thanks to our good friend Jeff Downs, you can now hear the recent Lord's Day sermon by Dr. K. Scott Oliphint which he preached at Second Presbyterian Church in Greenville, SC, as part of Westminster Theological Seminary's Full Confidence conference weekend.  Dr. Oliphint is professor of apologetics and systematic theology at Westminster and is a powerful and effective p...

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The Christ of the Nunc Dimmitis

The sermon audio from this past Sunday morning service at New Covenant Presbyterian Church is now online. You can listen to it here. The text was Luke 2:22-40, and the title, "The Christ of the Nunc Dimmitis."...

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The Humiliated and Poverty-Stricken Savior

The audio and video from this past Sunday morning service at New Covenant is now online. The text was Luke 2:1-24 and the title, "The Humiliated and Poverty-Stricken Savior." You can listen to the audio here. You can watch the video below: http://vimeo.com/18025427...

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Derek Thomas & Ligon Duncan Lectures on the Songs of Christmas

One of the burdens of a minister's heart is to bring his people to a place of thinking about the theology of what they are singing, and to sing them with a mind and heart, filled with grace, to the Lord. In 2004, Derek Thomas and Ligon Duncan gave several lectures on various, well-known Christmas hymns, at First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, MS. These lectures are quit...

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Jesus: True Israel of the First Gospel

If you suggested to most evangelicals that Jesus is the second Adam (a fact explicitly stated in Scripture--Romans 5:12-21; 1 Cor. 15:22; 45) you might find that some of them will acknowledge it--and may even appreciate the theological implications; but, if you suggested to the same group of Christians that He is true Israel you would probably get a mixture of facial respo...

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Eric Alexander on Living "Life in the Flesh"

Over the past year I have been editing material for a forthcoming Eric Alexander book. I continue to come across sections with which I resonate with regard to thoughts I have had about Scripture or the reality of the Christian's experience. I came across one such section today in a lecture Rev. Alexander gave at a Keswick conference many years ago. Expounding on Paul's phr...

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"Westminster Confession for Today" Conference Audio

A few years ago RTS began hosting a series of conferences on the theology of the Westminster Confession of Faith. The speakers included such men as Sinclair Ferguson, Derek Thomas, Ligon Duncan, Mark Dever, John Fesko, Phil Ryken, Chad Van Dixhoorn, Carl Trueman, Sean Lucas, Doug Kelly, etc. These messages were given at various PCA General Assemblies, and are now available...

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An Unexpected Announcement (Luke 1:26-38)

The sermon audio and video from the past Sunday morning at New Covenant is now online. The text was Luke 1:26-38 and the title, "An Unexpected Announcement." You can download the audio here. You can watch the video below: http://vimeo.com/17761609...

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Jonathan Edwards - The Gospel Minister Standing Before Christ

Edwards in his sermon entitled The Minister Before the Judgment Seat of Christ (Luke 10:17-18), found in the publication The Salvation of Souls, preached concerning the joy of faithful and successful ministers of the gospel, as they stand before Christ on the last day. He declared that Christ will rejoice in the success of his ministers because those saved are objects of o...

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New Dale Ralph Davis Book on Psalms 1-12

Christian Focus has recently released a new work by Dale Ralph Davis. The Way of the Righteous in the Muck of Life is something of a "Psalm Sampler," covering the first twelve Psalms. The chapters are edited versions of sermons preached on Sunday evenings at Woodland Presbyterian Church, where Dr. Davis is pastor. Many will know that Dr. Davis is one of the PCA's most reco...

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T. Desmond Alexander Audio Lectures and Sermons

T. Desmond (Desi) Alexander is one of my favorite theologians. I have greatly benefited from his books and articles. His most recently released From Eden to the New Jerusalem should be required reading for every ministerial student and pastor. Dr. Alexander's forthcoming book  Discovering Jesus: Why Four Gospels looks like it will be a great help to those  who wish to ...

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