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Archives for November 2019

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A Half-Learned Christ

In a day in which we are inundated with counterfeit gospels, counterfeit spirituality, counterfeit religions, and counterfeit devotional practices it is important for us to keep in mind that believers are ever in danger of falling into what older theologians called, "a half-learned Christ." Instead of keeping our eyes steadfastly fixed on the fullness of Christ, we are e...

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Disassociating Paul from Jesus

By means of sophisticatedly crafted statements on social media, certain prominent voices in the evangelical wing of Christendom have revealed their penchant for pitting Jesus' ethical teaching against that of the Apostle Paul. To elevate what Jesus taught over against what His apostles taught reveals a fundamental deficiency with regard to the doctrine of biblical revelat...

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A Biblical Theology of the Sacraments

Almost no aspect of biblical revelation has been so misunderstood and disagreed upon as that of the sacraments. Many of the heresies and error in the apostolic church centered on a misunderstanding of the role of the sacraments. Ecclesiastical traditions and theologians have long differed with one another on the legitimacy of the word sacrament, the nature of the sacramen...

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The Christ of the Proverbs

When we turn to the Proverbs--which are arguably some of the most neglected portions of Scriptures in the realm of redemptive-historical studies--we discover a series of additional challenges to a consistent biblical-theological interpretation. When we considered the Psalms, we saw something of the complex nature (i.e.the diversity of genre, structure, and historical plac...

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A Redemptive-Historical Family Tree

God has woven some of the most glorious redemptive-historical details into Matthew's genealogy of Jesus Christ. It is fitting that, at the fulness of the time, we should see how all the things foretold by the prophets would be fulfilled in the person of Christ. Matthew introduces the genealogy by telling us that Jesus is the long awaited "son of Abraham" and the promised ...

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The Word and the Power

When we consider the miracles of Jesus, we do not fail to recognize a divine power at work in them to reverse the awful effects of the fall and restore the natural wholeness of a person. We understand that His miracles are Messianic markers--signs pointing beyond themselves to the Savior who came into the world to make all things new. We feel the need for such a Savior wh...

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