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Archives for April 2012

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Vern Poythress on the Different Approaches to Scripture

In his book God-Centered Biblical Interpretation, Vern Poythress gives a helpful and humorous scripting of the different sort of approaches people make with regard to understanding the Scriptures. The conversation unravels as follows: Herman Hermeneut: Can we come up with a “how-to” list for interpreting the Bible? Dottie Doctrinalist: That’s definitely useful, provi...

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The Emmaus Sessions: A Tale of Two Seeds

This past Tuesday, we held the third of "The Emmaus Sessions" at New Covenant Presbyterian Church. Knowing the importance of Genesis 3:15 in the history of redemption, we met to consider the biblical-theological development of this verse in the progress of revelation. Sinclair Ferguson once said of this verse that the rest of the Bible is merely a footnote to Gen. 3:15. ...

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The Emmaus Sessions: The Church as the True Israel

We recently held the second of "The Emmaus Sessions" at New Covenant Presbyterian Church's study center, in which we considered the subject of "The Church as True Israel." This is an extremely important biblical-theological subject because it involves the inclusion of Gentiles into the covenant community in the New Covenant era by virtue of their union with Christ, who is...

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Spurgeon on the Amusement-Driven Church

As a young Christian I remember stumbling across this statement by Charles Spurgeon on how entertainment and amusement are not part of the tools of Christ's mission for the Church in the world. The 21st Century church in America desperately needs to hear this. Spurgeon wrote: An evil is in the professed camp of the Lord, so gross in its impudence, that the most shortsigh...

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The Sermon on the Mount and the Savior on the Mount

It is one of the hardest--and yet most necessary--tasks of the exegete to deal carefully with a particular text in the Bible while not forgetting it's redemptive-historical context. Forgetting this all-important principle will inevitably lead a man to misinterpret the text, and so to potentially do much harm to his hearers. One of the areas in which this principle must be ...

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The Emmaus Sessions - Jesus: True Israel

Last week I met with a group of zealous, young Christian men in the Savannah, GA area for a series of talks on biblical theology. For lack of a planned title for our meetings, I have simple called the talks "The Emmaus Sessions." At the first meeting we met to discuss the extremely important--yet often overlooked--subject of Jesus as true Israel. You can find the video fro...

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The Justification of Imputation

Throughout the history of Protestantism, myriads of books have been written to highlight and explain the intricacies of the biblical doctrine of justification. With the rise of the New Perspective(s) on Paul the doctrine of justification has received aresurgenceof interest throughout the past decade. As a result, some very useful volumes have been published. Some of the mo...

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