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Archives for April 2013

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When God Swears to God

Many years ago I came across--what I continue to consider to this day to be--the most interesting tract I've seen. Taking first place in the evangelistic tract category is actually not all that difficult since most tracts are horribly predictably and uncreative.  If ever believers have ignored the admonition of our Lord Jesus to "be wise as serpents" it is in the tract-wr...

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Taking Up the Hammer and the Nails (A Theology of Apostasy)

There is remarkably sobering picture in John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress where Christian, as he makes his way toward the celestial city, comes to the house of a man named Interpreter. Now this interpreter is clearly the apostle Paul by the description made of him; and interpreter shows Christian seven different scenes in this house that highlight various aspects of the Ch...

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On Getting As Little Truth As Possible

For several years now I have tried to find a statement, made by J. Gresham Machen, that I read as a young Christian about the importance of  growing deeply in our study of Scripture and theology. Machen sought to challenge the common attitude of men who, "devote most of their energies to the task of seeing just how little of Christian truth they can get along with." In ...

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