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Archives for January 2017

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Jesus Loves the Rich

Many people have a conception of Jesus that is--to put it as bluntly as possible--substantivelydeficient. Many envision Jesus as the prototypical religious leader whoonly cared for the outcast, the socially marginalized, the sick and the poor. A Marxist, revolutionary Jesus is the inevitable production of such a truncated conception. The Scriptures undoubtedly set forth Ch...

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Did God Ordain Evil?

Throughout human history, men have wrestled with the problem of evil. The question, "How can a good and holy God allow evil to exist in the world that He created," is one that demands an answer. Or, to ask the question more pointedly, "How can the good and holy God be sovereign over all things including evil?" In his 85th entry of the Miscellanies, Jonathan Edwards gave...

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When They Walk Away

I recently had a friend tell me how distraught she was over the fact that someone she had been discipling wanted to be left alone. My friend was expressing the pain that she felt over this experience. She had poured so many hours into pursuing another with the Gospel and with Scriptural counsel, only to watch her walk away. The reality is that, at times in their Christian ...

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Picking Up Sticks in the Service of Jesus

One of the perennial problems of the fallen human condition is that men and women love to serve when there is respect, reputation and remuneration involved, and not serve when it involves what they perceive to be a menial task done out of the sight of the prying and praising eyes of others. This is no less true of members and leaders in the church as it is among the people...

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7 Ways to Care for Your Wife

In that extremely complex and, at times, hard to understand section of the Apostle Paul's letter to the Corinthians, we come across the comparison between the married and the unmarried (1 Cor. 7). In short, the Apostle insists that marriage is good (and the norm) but that it brings with it a division of attention. Those who are married have a preoccupation with their s...

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Singing the Mediatorial Praise of Jesus

"What sort of God must He be who commands His people to sing joyfully to Him from the heart?" That was the thought that struck me one day during one of our worship services. He is no evil or austere God who commands His people to sing with joy and grace in their hearts for all of His divine perfections and saving benefits. He is a God who loves to communicate His joy to...

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Reestablishing Ministry Goals

The longer I have been in ministry, the more I have found the ancient Latin proverb to be true: Repetitio mater studiorum est (i.e. repetition is the mother of all learning). Or, as Samuel Johnson, so helpfully noted: “People need to be reminded more often than they need to be instructed." This is no less true for a local church that is collectively seeking to fulf...

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