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Archives for March 2015

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The Spiritual Stages of a Believer's Life

1 John 2:12-14 gives us one of the most wonderful prose-like theological structures in Scripture. The Apostle, writing about the benefits that believers have in Christ casts it under the figure of little children, young men and fathers. His intention was to explain the benefits that believers possess in Christ by means of the Scriptures--i.e. the forgiveness of sins, k...

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Sing Your Heart Out

Many years ago, I had an employer who was intent on trying to provoke me with a variety of sacrilegious jokes and statements. Having just come back from visiting her parents over one Easter weekend, she told me how she had visited their church that Easter Sunday. What she said next left an indelible mark on my thinking about congregational singing for many years. She ...

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Jesus and the Flaming Sword at the East Gate

There is absolutely nothing arbitrary about the details pertaining to the great works of God recorded in Scripture. From the earliest recorded revelationin thehistory of redemption, the Lord gave tiny details that were meant to serve as "time-bombs" planted into the field of redemptive history. After one detail was firmly fixed in the mind of the reader, it was meant to tr...

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The Curse Reversed

One of the great keys to understanding the nature of Jesus' saving work is to understand the nature of the curse pronounced by God on His rebellious image bearers. No sooner did Adam sin against God, bringing guilt and corruption to the who human race, that God came with the covenant curses commensurate with the actions of His creatures. He first pronounces the curse on th...

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