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Archives for May 2012

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William Still Sermons

Over the years I have gathered several mp3 sermon series by the late Rev. William Still. The lives of some of the most influential pastors and theologians such as Sinclair Ferguson, Eric Alexander, Phil Ryken and Ian Hamilton have been greatly impacted by the life and ministry of Rev. Still. I too have greatly benefited from listening to Still's sermons and reading his...

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Noah, Jesus and Preaching to Spirits

As a young Christian, longing to grow in my knowledge of the exegetically difficult portions of Scripture, I came across John Skilton's WTJ 58:1 (Spr 96) article, "A Glance At Some Old Problems in 1 Peter." It was this article that helped me come to a settled position on what Peter meant when he said that Christ "went and preached to the spirits in prison, who formerly w...

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Teaching One Another In...

I have always been a part of churches that have sung the rich hymnody of Christendom in the worship services (specifically those hymns that were the fruit of the theology of the Reformation). I have only been in one church that regularly sang Psalms. I am not an exclusive Psalmists, but  believe that we should all be inclusive Psalm singers (i.e. include them in our publi...

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Jesus Christ: Savior or Example?

There has been no small debate over the latter part of the 20th Century, and the first decade of the 21st Century, as to whether Christ is to be viewed as Savior or Example. Theologians have lined up in ranks to defend one or the other of these biblical views of our Lord. It is evident from the New Testament that Christ is both Savior and examplar, but it is not an easy ta...

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The Emmaus Sessions: Adam, Covenant and Christ

A few weeks ago we met for the fourth meeting of "The Emmaus Sessions" at New Covenant's Study Center. We considered the theology of Adam and the Covenant of Works. You can find all of the audio/video from the previous Emmaus Sessions here. You can listen to the audio from the "Adam, Covenant and Christ" talk here. You can watch the video below: http://vimeo.com/418505...

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Three Ways the New Testament Writers Quote the Old Testament

Dr. Robert K. Rudolph, Professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Ethics at the Theological Seminary of the Reformed Episcopal Church in Philadelphia from 1932-1981, wrote something of a short introduction to systematic theology for one of his sons. As a young believer I was privileged to read them. You can find a PDF version of them here. In this work Rudolph highlig...

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Revjw's Book Corner 5.19.12

Prolific author and speaker Don (D. A.) Carson, research professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL and one of the leaders of The Gospel Coalition, has recently released an excellent treatment of the specious form of tolerance operative in the arena of political correctness, in his The Intolerance of Tolerance.  Published by Eerdman...

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Four Points about the Noahic Covenant and Redemptive History

The Noahic Covenant was the first covenantal administration after God's initial covenant promise to redeem and restore humanity (Gen. 3:15). It is also the first time that the word בְּרִית (Berith) is used in the canon. What has not been frequently observed, however, is the way in which the Noahic Covenant falls squarely in the realm of redemptive history. Consid...

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"Confessing Our Faith in a Non-Confessing World" Conference (AK)

Tomorrow Burk Parsons and I fly out to Anchorage, AK to speak at a Spring Theology Conference (May 11-13) at Faith PCA (the only PCA church in Alaska). The title of the Conference is "Confessing Our Faith in a Non-Confessing World." As the title intimates, we plan on talking about a variety of issues concerning the nature of a Confessed faith, and Confessional theology. I...

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