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Presbyterian Mission in Haiti Update

The following is the most recent update on our Reformed Presbyterian missionaries in Haiti, with specific ways to pray for them:

Short-Term Team
The short-term mission team made it out of Haiti and are safely home in Savannha, GA. They took a C-130 out of P-a-P to Homestead Airforce Base, and then a private jet to Savannah. They are tired and emotionally drained, but thankful to be home. All structures on the PMH campus were preserved from any damage. This is a testimony to God's kindness through Bill Dejong (Mission to Haiti Canada) and the many others who have been rebuilding PMH since Hurricane Ike in September 2008.
Octavius Delfils and the Children
Charles Amicy drove to the Dominican Republic on Saturday with Octavius and the children in order to get them to the US (either Wilmington, NC or Savannah, GA). No doubt he will ge supplies as well to bring back with him. Please pray for Charles' safe return to Haiti. Medical Team The Lord has opened a door for a team of 3 doctors and 1 trauma dentist with Flying Doctors of America (www.fdoamerica.org) to fly into P-a-P airport on an MFI plane (www.missionaryflights.org) on Sunday morning. The team should arrive at 11am. With the help of Alexander Amicy here in Greenville, SC, we finally got a message through to Mrs. Amicy at the PMH campus in Messailler to meet this team at the airport.
The FDOA team plans to set up a base of operations at PMH and rotate doctors into Haiti on a go-forward basis. This is a tremendous answer to prayer. We are learning that many of the injured and displaced in P-a-P are flooding out into the nearby towns and villages seeking help, food and medical attention. Perhaps the Lord has preserved PMH from this disaster for such a time as this.
Pray for Fresh Supplies and Security
However, it seems that food and diesel fuel are also running short in the area where PMH is located. Please pray that the ports of St. Marc and Gonaive open up to receive cargo, containers, and badly needed supplies. We have the supplies ready to send, but no way for those supplies to actually get onto the shores of Haiti. We are thinking about driving supplies over from the D.R. or even chartering a helicopter from the D.R. to fly supplies in. Pray that God gives us wisdom. There is also an ongoing concern that our friends at PMH could be in danger if the circumstances in Haiti get worse. Please pray for their safety and that the international presence in Haiti will begin to improve conditions at all levels.
Updates are being posted on the PMH website. www.presbyterianmissioninhaiti.org

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