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Christ the Center

From 2008–2014, Nick was a panelist on the podcast "Christ the Center." 

R. Scott Clark Recovering the Reformed Confessions

J. Ligon Duncan The Westminster Confession into the 21st Century

Derek Thomas The Pastor and the Academy

Rick Phillips Cultural Relevance, Mercy Ministry and the Social Gospel

Jeff Jue The Eschatology of the Westminster Divines

D.G. Hart J. Gresham Machen

Martin Downes The Emergent Church and Cultural Captivity

Greg ReynoldsPreaching in an Electronic Era

David Hall The Calvin Quincentenary

Scott Oliphint The Defense of the Faith

Ron Gleason Herman Bavinck

John Fesko The Reformed Doctrine of Justification

John Carrick The Preaching of Jonathan Edwards

Russel Moore Christ's Kingdom: Gospel Priorities and Politics

John Muether Cornelius Van Til: A Life

Carl Trueman A Brief History of Trinitarian Thought

Stephen J. Nichols Getting the Blues

James White Apologetics and Islam

Peter Lillback Calvin and the Development of Covenant Theology

Phillip G. Ryken Thomas Boston: Preacher of the Fourfold State

D.G. Hart Deconstructing Evangelicalism

Stephen J. Nichols Jesus Made in America

Lane Tipton Van Til's Trinitarian Theology

Highlights from 2008

Jim Cassidy Reformed Catechesis and the Ordinary Means of Grace

Vern Poythress Redeeming Science

William Dennison The Young Bultmann

G.K. Beale The Erosion of Inerrancy

Dave Garner The Eschatology of Adoption

Cornelius P. Venema Peadocommunion

Richard B. Gaffin Sanctification and the Gospel

Guy Waters N.T. Wright's Doctrine of Justification #1

Guy Waters N.T. Wright's Doctrine of Justification #2

T. David Gordon Why Johnny Can't Preach

Michael Haykin The Church Fathers

Danny Olinger Geerhardus Vos

R. Fowler White and Keith Mathison The Unfolding of Biblical Eschatology

Michael Horton Christless Christianity

Douglas Kelly Systematic Theology: vol. 1 The Holy Trinity

Iain D. Campbell The Song of David's Son

Jon D. Payne In the Splendor of Holiness

Eric J. Alexander A Life in the Preacher Ministry

Daniel Wallace New Testament Textual Criticism in the 21st Century

David Robertson Apologetics and Pastoral Ministry

Richard Gamble God's Mighty Acts in the Old Testament

John Fesko The Rule of Love

Miles Van Pelt The Importance of the Original Languages

Derek Thomas The Regulative Principle of Worship

Thabiti Anyabwile The Life and Thought of Lemuel Haynes

Guy Richard The Theology of Samuel Rutherford

Richard D. Phillips The Masculine Mandate

Tom Schreiner New Testament Theology

Burk Parsons The Doctrine of Assurance

Joseph Pipa William Perkins and the Development of Puritan Preaching

Bill Dennison Paul's Two-Age Contsruction and Apologetics

Guy Waters Church Membership

Carl Trueman Luther and Media

Dr. Ben Shaw Sacrifices and Festivals in the OT

Scott Oliphint Christian Essentialism

Vern Poythress A God-centered Approach to Language

David VanDrunen Bioethics

Tim Keller Counterfeit Gods

David McWilliams Galatians

Joel Beeke Meet the Puritans

Scott Clark Casper Olivianus and the Apostle's Creed

Tim Witmer Shepherding Ministry

Michael Haykin The Christian Lovers

Nick Batzig and Jim Cassidy Theological Prayer

George Scipione Counseling Difficult Cases

Richard Gaffin Perspectives on Pentecost

Danny Hyde Welcome to a Reformed Church

Anthony Selvaggio Thoughts on Preaching

James Anderson Paradox in Christian Thought

Chad VanDixhoorn The Westminster Assembly

Steve Lawson The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards

Greg Reynolds Preaching in an Electronic Age

David P. Murray Technology and the Christian Life

John Fesko God's Sons and the Covenant of Works

Dennis Prutow The Point of a Sermon

John Fesko Water, Word, Spirit

Kim Riddlebarger Ammilennialism

Rowland Ward The Creation Covenant

Sean Michael Lucas R.L. Dabney

Vern Poythress Redeeming Sociology

Kevin DeYoung Our Great God

Bryan Chapell The Greatness and Love of God

Rick Phillips and Kevin DeYoung Sanctification

Rick Phillips The Historical Adam

Owen Strahan The Pastor as Scholar and the Scholar as Pastor

Mark Jones Debates in 17th Century British Puritanism

Nick Batzig The Law in Redemptive History

J. Todd Billings Theology and Ministry in Light of Union with Christ

Jeff Waddington and Nick Batzig The Theology and Preaching of Jonathan Edwards

Ryan McGraw By Good and Necessary Consequence

Brandon Crowe Deuteronomy and Christology in the Gospel of Matthew

David Filson, Jeff Waddington, Camden Bucey and Nick Batzig Preaching and Sermon Preparation

Mark Jones English Puritan Theology

The Transfiguration Nick Batzig, Jim Cassidy and Camden Bucey

Dave Garner "Insider Movements"

Vern Poythress "Harmonizing the Gospels"

Michael Kruger "The Early Text and the New Testament"

Ruth and Redemptive History

Jason Helopoulus "Family Worship in the Christian Home"

Judges and Redemptive History

Nancy Guthrie "Seeing Jesus in Old Testament History"

David Murray "Jesus on Every Page"

Timothy Brindle "Communicating Reformed Theology Through Hip Hop"

Wayne Spear "The Scottish Commissioners and the Westminster Assembly"