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Tabletalk Magazine

From 2010–2020 Pastor Batzig has written the following articles for Tabletalk Magazine and Tabletalk Magazine Online:

What is a Means of Grace? (Tabletalk Magazine)

What is a Good Work? (Tabletalk Magazine) 

Productivity in a Pandemic (Tabletalk Magazine)

We Are Not Home Yet (Tabletalk Magazine)

Who Delivered Up Jesus to Die? (Tabletalk Magazine)

What is Evangelical Repentance? (Tabletalk Magazine)

Mentor Us (Tabletalk Magazine)

Is Salvation Conditional? (Tabletalk Magazine)

What Must I Do To Be Saved? (Tabletalk Magazine)

Do You Know the Enemy? (Tabletalk Magazine)

Wearing the Armor of Christ (Tabletalk Magazine)

Who is Our Enemy? (Tabletalk Magazine)

Does Jesus Still Heal? (Tabletalk Magazine)

Welcome One Another (Tabletalk Magazine)

Legalism Defined (Tabletalk Magazine)

Faithfulness and Fruitfulness (Tabletalk Magazine)

What is Brotherly Love? (Tabletalk Magazine)

How Jesus Read the Scriptures (Tabletalk Magazine)

How Jesus Brings Peace (Tabletalk Magazine)

What Did Jesus Mean by “The World”? (Tabletalk Magazine)

The Cross and the Believer’s home (Tabletalk Magazine)

Disarming the Devil (Tabletalk Magazine)

The Vertical Dimensions of the Cross (Tabletalk Magazine)

Why is the Substitutionary Atonement Essential (Tabletalk Magazine)

Why We Need a Priest (Tabletalk Magazine)

How Does Jesus’ Temptation Link Him to Israel? (Tabletalk Magazine)

The Blessed Repetition of Redemptive History (Tabletalk Magazine)

Who is the True Israel of God? (Tabletalk Magazine)

The Gift of Entertainment (Tabletalk Magazine)

Holy War Jesus-Style (Tabletalk Magazine)

The Idol Crushing King (Tabletalk)

The Ark of the Covenant (Tabletalk Magazine)

Take Heed (Tabletalk Magazine)

The Deep Things of Christ (Tabletalk Magazine)

The Allurement of Christ (Tabletalk Magazine)

A Sinless Life (Tabletalk Magazine)

Mercy Triumphs Through Suffering (Tabletalk)

A Life of Blessing and Rest (Tabletalk Magazine)

The Secret of Sanctification (Tabletalk Magazine)

A Pastor's Love of Christ (Tabletalk Magazine)

Fear of Man (Tabletalk Magazine)

The Peril of Wandering (Tabletalk Magazine)

It’s the Little Things (Tabletalk Magazine)

The Inner Ring (Tabletalk Magazine)

The Fine Line (Tabletalk Magazine)