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Archives for August 2015

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A Sense of the Love of Christ

Many years ago, while reading through J. I. Packer's profoundly important book, The Quest for Godliness, I happened across a reference to Sinclair Ferguson's 1979 Banner of Truth article "John Owen on Christian Piety (Part 2)." This little known article is important for a quite a few reasons. First, it gives us insight into Ferguson's own thoughts about the question of...

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4 Kinds of Pastors

About five years into the pastorate--trying to discern my own weaknesses and deficiencies--I started to realize that there are essentially four kinds of men (the lazy pastor aside) who labor in pastoral ministry--"the Idealist," "the Visionary," "the Worker Bee" and "the Connector." While these categories are somewhat over-generalized and a bit artificial (since we are ...

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The Church in the Community

There has been no shortage of writing over the past decade about what role any given local church should have in the community. There is, of course, in--solidly biblical and evangelical churches--a spectrum along which different ministers fall with regard to their own personal biblically formed convictions about this subject. On the one end of the spectrum are those who ...

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Guardian Angels?

"You must have a guardian Angel watching over you!" You've either heard it said or have said it to someone after their life took an unexpected and much needed turn for the better. It might seem like an irrelevant question in our post-modern, technological, post-enlightenment, scientific world; but, I care deeply about whether or not there are such things as guardian Angels...

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Sophisticated Temples of Modern Idolatry

For decades, the consumeristic and narcissistic culture in which we live has served the unsuspecting and unconscious worshippers of North America with extravagant buildings in which to showcase the idols of a sophisticatedly synchronistic and paganistic society. In his profoundly insightful and influential 1989 article, "Mall Culture," Steven L. Shepherd writes: The malls...

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Baptized with the Transgressors

The baptism of Jesus is one of the most significant redemptive-historical events in the Scripture; yet one the is so often greatly misunderstood.There is a scene on the show Lost in which Mr. Eko--the Nigerian Drug Lord turned Priest--makes an outrageously blasphemous statement about the Savior. While baptizing Clair and her baby, Eko tells her, "It is said that when Jo...

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How Martyn Lloyd-Jones Helped Start the PCA

By the turn of the 20th Century, the greater part of the masses in the Western world had been stripped of any sense of biblical Christianity by the liberalism and pragmatism that had so infected the churches in England and North America. It is a sad fact that, in our day, those who attend so-called evangelical "churches"--spread out throughout the various parts of the W...

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Learning to Think for Yourself

There is one characteristic (common to all great theologians and pastors throughout church history) that young ministers, especially those in seminary, must learn to cultivate--namely, the ability to think for themselves. It is far too easy for young men to slide into the intellectually lazy mode of simply parroting what some revered pastor or theologian has said or wri...

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