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Archives for October 2010

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How the Actions of One Man Can Affect the World

The Scriptures are clear that the actions of One unique individual affected His people for time and eternity. The writer of Hebrews tells us that  Christ, "by Himself, made purification for our sins," through the one offering up of Himself on the cross.  But, the Bible is equally clear about how the actions of his people can have a ripple out effect on the lives of t...

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The Ark of the Covenant and the Empty Tomb

One of the most amazing biblical-theological developments in Scripture has to do with the anti-typical fulfillment of the symbolism of the ark of the covenant. The ark was a box, overlaid with gold, that remained in the Most Holy place. It consisted of three levels. The lower lever was the inside of the box--in which was Aaron's rod that blossomed, the Ten Commandments and...

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The Last of the Levites

Someone recently asked me what details the Scriptures give into the transition of the priesthood from Levi to Judah. It is abundantly clear from the book of Hebrews that there was such a transition; and on account of it Christ is now the eternal Priest who came with the once-for-all sacrifice. The writer of Hebrews expressly stated the transition when he wrote: Therefore, ...

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Preaching that Paints the Shedding of Christ's Blood

It is all too common for ministers to step into pulpits Sunday after Sunday and never really preach the Gospel to the consciences of the people to whom they are called to preach. We often speak about the Gospel, and may even mention Christ by name, without actually bring people to Calvary, in our preaching, to see the wounds and bruises that Christ took for us. I am as gui...

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John Fesko Interview on Baptism

Over at Christ the Center, we recently interviewed Dr. John Fesko with regard to his latest book Word, Water and Spirit:A Reformed Perspective on Baptism. Dr. Fesko presents one of the finest examples of a biblical theological approach to the sacrament of baptism. This is certainly worth listening to whether you adhere to a "believers' baptist only" position or to the "cov...

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Living in God's Two Kingdoms

David VanDrunen, the Robert B. Strimple professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Ethics at Westminster Seminary California, has authored the new Living in God's Two Kingdoms:  A Biblical View of Christianity and Culture which can be obtained here.  VanDrunen has elsewhere shown the historical pedigree of the two kingdoms doctrine within Reformed circles.  Th...

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The Unimportance of what God's People Think About Him

I am sure that all of us have heard many professing Christians say something like, "I like to think of God as being like this or that..." or "I don't think God would do this or that..." In his article The God of Israel, B.B. Warfield, explained the significance of the fact that in both the Old and the New Testament we find an absence of statements about what the covenant p...

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Sinclair Ferguson on the Trinity in the Upper Room

In the introduction to his  unparalleled work, The Holy Trinity: In Scripture, History, Theology and Worship, Robert Letham includes a quote from an email correspondence with Sinclair Ferguson. In a straightforward fashion, Ferguson defended the absolute necessity of preaching the doctrine of the Trinity from Christ's teaching in the Upper Room when he wrote: “Iâ...

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With Calvin in the Theater of God

John Piper and David Mathis have brought us a new compilation of articles on the significance of John Calvin.  With Calvin in the Theater of God:  The Glory of Christ and Everyday Life can be found here.  While we may be tempted to think that the last thing that can be said about Calvin has been said, it is always good to visit Calvin and God's use of him anew....

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Is the Fourth Commandment Still Required for Christians?

The other day Justin Taylor took the opportunity to post a segment of Tom Schreiner's new book Forty Questions About the Christian and Biblical Law in order to highlight his view that the fourth commandment was only of Israel. Because of the controversy surrounding this issue, I thought I would take the opportunity to post Francis Turretin's marvelous exposition of that c...

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No Tears in Heaven

Readers of this blog know that I have had to deal with the loss of my mother, Carole Lynn Waddington, over the last month or so.  This past Sunday we held the second of two memorial services in her honor and in each, in slightly different ways, God was glorified, Christ was lifted up, and the Spirit was honored through the proclamation of the Word.  While my family a...

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Dr. Dennis Prutow Interview

The panel of Christ the Center recently interviewed Dr. Dennis Prutow, Professor of Homiletics and Pastoral Theology at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary to speak about his book So Pastor, What’s Your Point? This was an outstanding episode for men actively engaged in preaching and the ministry of the Gospel. You can listen here....

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A Delightful Little Book

This morning I woke up at an ungodly hour and could not go back to sleep (was it because I was giving my first ever Hebrew ordination exam?).  So what was I to do?  Lo and behold my eyes wandered to my night stand and the pile of books thereon.  In that unwieldy stack there lay a little book and I thought to myself that I might just be able to complete it before I...

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Piper on the Christian Mind

The good folks at Crossway Books have released a new book by John Piper on developing a Christian mind entitled Think which can be obtained here.  Many books have been written on developing a Christian mind or worldview, but Piper brings his familiarity with Jonathan Edwards to bear on the topic in that the mind is not divorced from the emotions or will.  In fact, a ...

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The Letter of the Gospel (Acts 15:12-41)

The audio and video from the Sunday morning worship service at New Covenant Presbyterian Church in Richmond Hill, Ga is now online. The text was Acts 15:12-41, and the title, "The Letter of the Gospel." You can listen to the audio here. You can watch the video below: http://vimeo.com/15529972 ...

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The Exodus Motif in Luke-Acts

Luke and Acts are two of the most magnificent theological compositions in the canon of Holy Scripture. Every book of the Bible is theologically rich, but these two books (which are meant to be read together) yield some of the richest theological treasures. Viewing these books together enables the reader to better understand the purpose of the individual accounts recorded i...

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