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Archives for May 2019

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The Most Difficult Verse in the Bible?

I've always found it to be a thing of comfort to know that one Apostle found another Apostle's writing to include things that are "hard to understand" (2 Pet. 3:15-16), while honoring him for being used by God to reveal the most comforting spiritual truths. I have often wrestled with many of the things that the Apostle Paul wrote--trying to understand how they fit into th...

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A Vision of the Glory

The Puritan Thomas Adams once wrote, “Christ is the sum of the whole Bible, prophesied, typified, prefigured, exhibited, demonstrated, to be found in every leaf, almost in every line, the Scriptures being but as it were the swaddling bands of the child Jesus.” Many have, by God's grace, been enabled to see the glory of Christ when they open the Scriptures. Nevertheles...

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Praise Her in the Gates

My mother went to be with the Lord almost five years ago. I wish that I could pick up a phone and tell her how much I love her. I wish I could tell her how thankful I am for her godly, gentle and wise spirit. I wish I could let her know that one of the greatest privileges that God has given me in life was such a devoted, selfless and enduringly patient mother. I wish that...

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