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Archives for August 2014

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Preach the Gospel to Yourself?

10 or so years ago, it was exceedingly common to hear people in the broader Reformed and Evangelical circles saying things like, "You've got to learn to preach the Gospel to yourself!" Usually it came in the context of one friend counseling another during a period of struggle with sin, or during a period of painful trial. Occasionally you would hear the phrase surface in...

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Time for a Spirit Check

One of the things that disturbs me most in life is having to drive down a backwood road in Southeast Georgia behind a truck (and it's always a truck!) going 20 miles under the speed limit with black smoke pouring out of the tail pipe. It's not simply the fact that I know that the carbon monoxide is knocking a few hours or days off my life. Neither is it merely the fact th...

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Mini Sermons For the Soul to Sing

I've come to enjoy thinking of the great hymns of the church as "mini sermons for the soul to sing." This is one of the main reasons why we should study, cherish and preserve hymn-singing in our churches. It's not that hymns are inspired by God--as are the songs of Scripture (e.g. the Song of Moses, Deborah, Hannah, the Psalms, Song of Songs, Habakkuk, the Magnificat, etc...

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