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Archives for October 2013

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Individual Personalities and the Gospel

One of the aspects of biblical revelation that has received quit a bit of attention in the Reformed church during the last Century and a half is that of God's use of human personalities, languages and contexts in the inspiration of Scripture.1 There is, in this human element, a beautiful diversity found within the unity of the Divine revelation of the whole of the Scriptur...

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The Strongest Evidence for the Deity of the Son

We ask every man coming before our Presbytery committee for ordination to give some biblical proofs of the deity of Christ. Without fail, each appeals to either John 1:1 or John 8:58. Some will go to Hebrews 1:1-4. Those who have evidently sharpened up on their biblical knowledge may give us Colossians 1:16 and 2:9. But in all the exams that I have been a part of, I have y...

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Make It Your Own!

Many years ago I read through J.W. Alexander's Thoughts on Preaching and found it to be one of the most rewarding experiences I've had in preparation for Gospel ministry. Recently, I revisited it in order to reinforce what I then considered to be some of Alexander's more potent meditations. One such idea that impacted my own thinking has to do with making things that y...

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9 Traces of the Doctrine of the Trinity in the Old Testament

In chapter 3 of his Reformed Dogmatics (vol. 1), Geerhardus Vos set out 9 "traces of the doctrine of the Trinity...in the Old Testament." Among the most noteworthy observations are those concerning the "Angel of the LORD" and the personification of Wisdom in the Proverbs: 1. The distinction between the names Elohim and Yahweh. Elohim is God as He works among both Israel a...

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20 Things Jesus Does As The Great Shepherd

In his Commentary on the Whole Epistle to the Hebrews, William Gouge set out 20 things Scripture teaches us that Jesus does as the great Shepherd of His sheep: 1. A true shepherd enters in by the door, John x. 2—that is, he is lawfully called and appointed by God; so was our Lord Jesus, Heb. 5:5. 'The porter opens to the shepherd, John 10:3 ; so the ministers of the c...

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Four Things To Keep In Mind For Your "Last Sermon"

Sinclair Ferguson, in his chapter "I Shall Not Want" in the Richard Allen Bodey ed. If I Had Only One Sermon to Preach, set out four principles that he believes should govern a "last sermon." I suppose it would be right to say to these principle should be the guiding principles for any sermon that we preach. Ferguson' four points are as follows: 1. It should point the hea...

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