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Archives for July 2019

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Don't Leave Those Kids Alone

On Saturday, February 17, 1739, George Whitefield resolved that he would commit himself to the task of evangelistic preaching to the coal miners in Kingswood. It was well known that the coal miners were uneducated and spiritually ignorant members of society. Nevertheless, stories of tears running down the coal-blackened faces of these men circulated quickly--peaking the i...

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The Cross After Jesus

Scripture is full of double-entendres. Often they are found in the historical details in the Gospels that serve to teach spiritual lessons. Perhaps the most vivid of these is the account of Simon the Cyrene bearing the cross after Jesus (Luke 23:26). The Savior, having been scourged and weakened by the abuse that he endured at the sinful, God-hating hands of men, was carr...

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Changing Tides and the Unchanging Savior

I have learned--both from personal experience and from pastoral ministry--that change can be among the most unsettling dynamics of life in this fallen world. We are a people of change living in a world subject to change. When we put our confidence in created things or set our hearts on circumstances, we make ourselves susceptible to disappointment and heartache. Marriages...

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Five Biblical Points of Dordrecht

Yesterday, my twitter feed was flooded with comments about a video floating around online in which Mark Driscoll said, "I don't hold to the five points of Calvinism. I think it's garbage...because it's not biblical." This statement came in the midst of a sociological rant in which the former pastor of Mars Hill Seattle was pontificating on how different groups view God in...

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