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Archives for November 2013

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Celebrity Pastors for the Glory of Christ

“With him we are sending the brother who is famous among all the churches for his preaching of the gospel.”  2 Corinthians 8:18 When I was at the 2012 Together For The Gospel meeting, there was a panel discussion on celebrity pastors.  Dr. Carl Trueman was on the panel, cautioning against the perils and dangers of the celebrity pastor.  While I certainly agreed wi...

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The Shepherd for the Sheep

"The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing" (Psalm 23:1). This amazing truth is ultimately fulfilled in the Good Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ. Only in Him is all that is promised to us fully realized. For all the Psalmists declaration to become realizations for us, Jesus had to lay down His life for the sheep (John 10:11). Consider the following ways that Psalm 23 is fu...

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The Theological Greatness of Jonathan Edwards

I started reading Jonathan Edwards almost immediately after I was converted. I remember the first time I opened the massive two volume, small print Hickman edition of his works and began to scan the what seemed to be 2 pt. font to find out what was the big deal about this man who has been called "the greatest mind America ever produced." As I read, I understood that ther...

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6 Subtle Ways to Hold on to Self-Righteousness

In his volume of printed sermon on Romans: Chapters 2:1-3:20,  Martyn Lloyd-Jones pointed out that there are 6 ways that we, like the unbelieving Jews of Paul’s day, can subtly hold onto a supposed self-righteousness. Reflecting on the teaching of Romans 2:1-11 Lloyd-Jones wrote: (1) “Sin introduces, or can introduce, a prejudice into our listening to the Gospel, or...

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Paul, the Law and Eschatological Justification: Three Views of Romans 2:13

One of the most important and most hotly debated exegetical and biblical-theological issues in our day is that concerning the words of Paul in Romans 2:13, "The doers of the Law shall be justified" (οι ποιηται νομου δικαιωθησονται). What does the Apostle Paul mean by this statement? Is it a perfect obedience that Paul has in view? Is he merely...

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The Anatomy of Saving Faith

In his sermon on Justification from Romans 5:1, J.C. Ryle powerfully explained the nature of saving faith under the following figure: Saving faith is the hand of the soul. The sinner is like a drowning man at the point of sinking. He sees the Lord Jesus Christ holding out help to him. He grasps it and is saved. This is faith. (Heb. 6:18.) Saving faith is the eye of th...

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A Crisis In the Divine Government

As I work through a sermon series on the book of Romans at New Covenant I remembered a quote I had stumbled across many years ago by James Henley Thornwell that captures what is really the theological backbone of Paul's argument from Romans 1:16-3:31. In his sermon "The Gospel, God's Power and Wisdom," James Henley Thornwell made the shocking statement that God's "entert...

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