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Archives for February 2016

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Church Planting Mathematics: 10 x 100 > 1 x 1000?

I'm not shy about the fact that math is not my strong suit. I barely made it through algebra 1 in the formative years of my education. However, I have an important mathematical equation that may be of help to the church planting movement. Several years ago, one of my mentors noted that it may, in fact, be more advantageous for a church or Presbytery to call godly and fai...

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Leadership Principles and Pastoral Ministry

In recent decades, there has been an influx of leadership journals, websites, blog posts, videos, etc. in which those whose churches have thrived numerically or programmatically offer help for measurable success to those ministering in mediocrity. Some of these resources are full of helpful counsel. As a younger pastor, I certainly longed to grow in my ability to lead ...

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When the Father Sacrificed the Son

The biblical account of Abraham offering up Isaac (Gen. 22) is full ofredemptive-historical, typological and experiential riches. As we read through the history of God's dealing with Abraham, we get the sense that everything is moving to that moment when the Father offered up his only begotten son. The sacrificeof Isaac wastheclimax of God's covenantal arrangement with Abr...

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