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Archives for July 2013

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Because There Was No Sun...

It has become increasingly popular for theologians to appeal to Meredith Kline's 1958 "groundbreaking" article, "Because It Had Not Rained..." in order to propagate a dechronologization of Genesis 1. The principle argument behind the formulation of the Framework Hypothesis is that God--from the beginning--used natural processes in the preservation and cultivation of botan...

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Old Testament Personal Types and Shadows of Christ

There is, perhaps nothing so faith-building in the OT--apart from the explicit Messianic prophecies--as God's covenantal structuring of history that gave us people, places, and events to prefigure the coming Messiah. In their chapter on "God's Covenant with Man," the Westminster Divines explained the richness of the Old Testament revelation as it regards types and ordinanc...

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The River and the Tree of Life

In Ezekiel 47 the prophet sees an unusual sight.  This is not the first unusual thing Ezekiel has seen as he gets a guided tour of a new temple.  The prophet is exposed to all sorts of changes in the design of the temple, its sacrificial system, and in the surrounding allotment of land to the twelve tribes of Israel.  God is making all things new, as it were.  Jerusale...

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A Bad Court In Which To Be Tried

If there is one thing that those who know me well can agree upon it’s the fact that it’s not hard to fish an opinion out of me. I am all too painfully aware that sometimes this can be a strength and, more often than not, a weakness. The Scriptures speak of the strength of sharing strong, informed and wise convictions at the right times and the right places (Prov. 10:13...

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The Wisdom of the Son (Law and Gospel in the Proverbs)

In an earlier post, "The Songs of the Son (Seeing Christ in the Psalms)," we gave consideration to the fact that--although there is a rise of interest in Christ-centered biblical interpretation of the OT--"one of the areas of redemptive-history that desperately needs a renewed focus is that of Christ in the Psalms and OT wisdom literature." It was suggested, in that post, ...

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The Emmaus Sessions: Christ and Redemptive History

Last year we started "The Emmaus Sessions" at New Covenant Presbyterian Church. The series is designed to focus on the hermeneutics of Christ in the Old Testament by touching on the major points of redemptive history. We plan on continuing this series sometime in the summer and fall. For now, you can find all the current audio and video of the lectures below: The Em...

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Tolerance that Parodies Love

It shouldn't surprise us--but we all too often find ourselves wondering at the relevance with which an author of a bygone generation speaks into the atmosphere of our contemporary culture. Such has frequently been the case for me when I have read J. Gresham Machen's Christianity and Liberalism and his What is Faith? Such also has been true for me when I read many C. ...

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C.S. Lewis on Beauty and Idolatry

In his inimitable sermon, "The Weight of Glory," C. S. Lewis made one of the most significant observations about the reality of beauty and idolatry. Building on the idea that the beauty and joy we find in created things and experiences is merely a reflection of the beauty and joy of God, Lewis explained that making those created things ultimate things for the beauty seen i...

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John's Use of the Song of Songs in the Book of Revelation

In recent years the book of Revelation has been subject to new investigation into the role that earlier portions of the canon played in its composition—particularly respecting Old Testament revelation in the form of quotes and allusions.[1] With the release of his monumental commentary on the Apocalypse, G.K. Beale has given New Testament scholars a substantial treatme...

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