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Archives for June 2015

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The Symbolism of the Rainbow

Yesterday one of my sons asked me why there were so many rainbows on the television and internet. Most of us have have seen them on children's books and clothing from our earliest days--and in recent years placarded on the television and internet--yet many have never stopped to ask the question, "What symbolism did God invest the rainbow with from the the day in which ...

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Nothing Should Surprise Us

Something of a naive optimism manifests itself in the thinking of many Christians in North America. Maybe this has always been the case and I've just begun taking note; or, maybe it's something unique to people who live in a society that paints itself as being far more virtuous than it actually is. Frequently this optimism is defended under the notion of  "love bel...

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A Multiplicity of Mentors

Having returned from the 43rd General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the enormous blessing--not only of being with the many dear brothers with whom I have formed strong friendships over the past decade, but also of being with a number of theological, spiritual and leadership mentors whom the Lord has placed in m...

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Marks of Orthodoxy?

I must have heard the words "orthodox" and "orthodoxy" in my home hundreds--if not thousands--of times as a boy. For whatever reason, I never cared to ask my father what they meant until I was almost in my 20's. It is anything but uncommon to hear them used if you move within any serious ecclesiastical circle--especially in Reformed and Presbyterian churches. In fact, o...

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