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Archives for June 2014

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In Plenty and/or Want...

Having grown up in Reformed and Presbyterian churches, I was protected from the toxic influences of such things as the "word of faith" movement and other forms of "health-wealth-prosperity" false gospels. While I have not written much on this subject, I have formed quite a number of significant friendships over the years with individuals who were subject to this sort of fa...

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Geerhardus Vos on the Mosaic Covenant and the Covenant of Grace

One is hard pressed today to find a short, and yet, careful and thorough explanation about the place and function of the Mosaic Covenant in the Covenant of Grace in redemptive history. The more that seems to be written on it, the more confusion ensues. It is for this reason that I was again delighted--as I work through Geerhardus Vos' Reformed Dogmatics--to  find, what I...

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Geerhardus Vos on Sides, Administrations and Conditionality in the Covenant of Grace

One of the most difficult, and yet, at the same time, most important aspects of Covenant Theology is the relationship between the elect and the non-elect in the Covenant of Grace. The multitude of various definitions proposed by theologians concerning the biblical idea of covenant have certainly contributed to this difficulty. One cannot read any portion of the Old Te...

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Lord, Should I Forgive My Brother This One Time?

Recently, I was watching a show in which a young apprentice to a very powerful man had made several very serious mistakes that had affected his boss' business. When the young man appeared before his boss he said, "Am I not allowed to make a mistake?" To which his boss replied, "You're allowed one mistake and you've already made it." This, I fear, is the mentality of many...

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Ezra and Nehemiah: Types of Christ

I had a friend who used to point out the typological relationship between the Old Covenantal types and Christ almost every time we got together. One with which I was fascinated most was the typological parallel he drew out between Nehemiah and Jesus. Understanding the typological significance of Jerusalem, the Temple and the walls of the city (i.e. their spiritual parall...

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