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Archives for November 2015

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Communicating and Connecting in Ministry

Communicating with congregants and connecting ministries are two of the greatest challenges a church planter faces in the early years of ministry. In fact, these continue to be two of the greatest areas of focus a pastor ought to focus on as he seeks to lead a healthily growing church. Two of the greatest needs of any growing church are to communicate clearly with congr...

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Sin, Self, State, and Savior

23 years ago David Wells wrote No Place for Truth, in which he suggested that individuals in a society that self-consciously suppresses the truth about the depravity of human nature will inevitably either move toward Statism, in some form or fashion, or the quest for absolute self-realization and self-fulfillment. He writes: "If the genius of modern individualism lies in ...

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Our Shield and Reward

There are so many places in the Old Testament where we find hints about the Person and work of Christ; it would be impossible to exhaust all of them. After all, the Apostle Paul tells us that "all the promises of God are 'Yes' and 'Amen' in Him to the glory of God" (2 Cor. 1:20). However, sometimes we stumble across one of those promises and see it with new eyes in the li...

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Grace is a Gift

In the first post in this short series, we began to consider the idea that grace is a person--the Lord Jesus Christ. Before moving on to consider other aspects of grace, it will help us to revisit what we have said and to bolster it by a brief consideration of God's relationship to His attributes. Jonathan Edwards once explained that "the Holy Ghost is Himself the love a...

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...And Everything Else Will Follow

J.I. Packer once made the astute observation that "false proportions in our doctrine are the beginning of false doctrine itself." If anything, this is a reminder for us to carefully weigh the emphasis that each of gives to the various doctrines of the Christian faith. When I was in seminary, I began to see that different groups in the church--who all cared deeply ab...

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Christ, the Tree of Life

One of the first types that we encounter in the pages of Scripture is the Tree of Life. Being one of the two sacramental (not magical) trees in the Garden, the Tree of Life symbolized that eternal life which Adam would have obtained if he had obeyed God's command in the Covenant of Works concerning the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The punishment which God infl...

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