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Archives for December 2011

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Who Says Doctrine is Impractical?

Who says doctrine is impractical?  Certainly the apostle Paul would have no truck with such sentiments.  In Philippians 2:1-11 we learn that there is abundant practical fruit from the rich fertile soil of sound biblical doctrine.  This can be put generally and specifically.  Abstractly, Christian life derives from the particulars of true Christian doctrine.  Concretel...

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"For Unto Us" Sermon Series

We recently finished a short sermon series of three Christmas sermons at New Covenant Presbyterian Church. The series was titled, "For Unto Us." The first sermon in the series was "For Unto Us: A Warrior is Promised" (Genesis 3:14-19); The second, "For Unto Us: A Savior is Named" (Isaiah 9:1-7); and the third, "For Unto Us: A King is Born" (Matthew 2:1-23). You can listen ...

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M.I.C. iPhone/iPad Accessories

The M.I.C. store has some of the most interesting accessories for iPhone and iPad 2 that I've come across. If you haven't perused their site yet, you can do so here. Some of their more popular items are currently out of stock, but you can sign up for notifications as to when they will be available. You can see a video about my personal favorite below: http://vimeo.com/259...

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The Magi and the Scriptures

One of the questions surrounding the birth narratives of our Lord is the questions concerning the Magi and the Scriptures. Who were the Magi? How many travelled to see the new-born King of Israel? If they were not Jewish (as seems abundantly evident from the reference to the "East") how did they know the Scriptural prophecies concerning the Messiah? While there has been, a...

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Seeing the Savior in a Poor, Beggar Baby

In his sermon on Luke 2:22-32, Martin Luther made the profound observation that by faith Simeon saw in Mary's poor, beggar baby the King of Kings, and Savior of the world. He wrote: Simeon has a very penetrating eye. In this child this is no kingly mien or royal garb to see, merely the form of a poor beggar. The mother is poor, with hardly five pennies in her purse to rede...

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Isaiah an OT Paul and Paul a NT Isaiah

No one who has earnestly read through the Scriptures can miss the unique role that the prophet Isaiah played in the unfolding of redemption in the Old Covenant revelation. There are no Messianic heights that take us so high in the Old Testament as those found in the book of Isaiah (cf. Is. chapters 4, 7, 9, 11, 40-45, 50-54, and 40-60). The exceedingly great judgments that...

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Sinclair Ferguson Christmas Sermons 2005-2012

Over the past 7 years Sinclair Ferguson has preached a combined 40 Christmas messages at First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, SC. I sometimes think that Dr. Ferguson's Christmas messages are his best sermons. You can find all of them by date below: 2012 The Night Before Christmas The Incarnate Word (John 1:14) Led by Another Way (Matt. 2:1-12) The Rejected Word (John 10:...

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Take Heed (December 2011 Tabletalk Article)

Bernard of Clairvaux once mentioned an old man who—upon hearing about any professing Christian who fell into sin—would say to himself, “He fell today; I may fall tomorrow.” The apostle Paul commended the same mindset when he wrote, “let anyone who thinks that he stands take heed lest he fall” (1 Corinthians 10:12). There is great wisdom in not trusting our own ...

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Identifying the Colossian Heresy

One of the more difficult aspects of biblical interpretation is identifying the precise historical background of the book or letter being read. In the NT epistles there are almost always enough internal clues for the interpreter to come to a settled understanding of what error, if any, is being confronted. Of all the polemical letters (which would include almost every book...

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