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Archives for August 2017

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Diagnostic Decision Making

Not being sure how to decide between two or more legitimate life options is a common human experience. It is part of what it means to be a finite creature in a finite world mysteriously governed by the infinite God. Whether it is a student trying to discern what college to attend, a young man trying to know which girl to pursue for marriage, an adult who has been presented...

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Identifying Elders And Deacons

Identifying, training and installing church officers (i.e. elders and deacons) is one of the most important and difficult tasks with which God has tasked those pastors He has placed in full time Gospel ministry. The health of the church is dependent on the spiritual health and giftedness of the men who hold office in a given local church. If men who are biblically qualifie...

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When the Preaching is Bad

What are we to do when we find the preaching to be deficient in the local church to which we belong? For some church members, that is a relatively easy question to answer--just leave! After all, many people will leave churches for all sorts of other illegitimate reasons: musical preference, children's ministry, social expectations, etc. For others, this is an exceedingly d...

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