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Archives for December 2013

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The Silence of Jesus in Judgment

As a young Christian, there was a period of time when I would read the records of Christ's sufferings in the Gospels and wonder, "Why do the Gospel writers note that Jesus 'answered nothing' (Matt. 27:12), 'answered not one word (27:13)' and 'kept silent and answered nothing' (Mark 14:61) when He stood before earthly judges?" After all, Jesus was sinless and absolutely bla...

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Lloyd-Jones on The Gospel and the Charge of Antinomianism

A professor in seminary first directed me to Martyn Lloyd-Jones' well-known statements--at the beginning of his commentary on Romans 6:1--about the true preaching of the Gospel always being liable to the charge of Antinomianism. The relationship between Romans 5:21 and 6:1 made this idea all the more convincing to me. This was not, however, true for all who were introduced...

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A God-Determined Progress to a God-Determined End

In his outstanding work The Plan of Salvation, B.B. Warfield brought his consideration of Calvinism to a glorious conclusion by describing how far reaching God's grace in Christ is in regard to the ordering of all things in the cosmos for the salvation of His people. He wrote: The goal to which the race is advancing is set by God: it is salvation. And every stage in the ...

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Ray Ortlund's Isaiah Sermon Series

From 2002 to 2004, Dr. Ray Ortlund preached a sermon series on the book of Isaiah at First Presbyterian Church in Augusta, GA. I was only there to hear one of those sermons during that time. I distinctly remember thinking two things while I listened to Ray preach "God's Way to Revival" on Isaiah 43:22-44:23. First, I thought about how difficult it must be to preach throu...

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Learning to be a Grateful Critic

"What do you think about the whole Mark Driscoll fiasco?" "Did you know Tim Keller believes in _____ ?" "What do you think about John Piper inviting ______ to his Conference?" Over the past decade, I've been asked these and other related questions too many times to recall. This is not always a bad thing. Caring about what happens in the wider church is something that we s...

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Vos on the Historicity and Interpretation of Genesis 1 and 2

In addition to the works of Herman Bavinck and several other prominent Dutch theologians at the end of the 19th Century, the historical development of various interpretations of Genesis 1-2 in the Reformed church, in many respects, finds its origin within the walls of Princeton Theological Seminary at the end of the 19th Century. This was due, in large part, to the accomp...

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John Calvin on the Great Exchange

In his Preface to the Geneva Bible of 1550, titled Christ the End of the Law, John Calvin gave one of the most succinct and powerful explanations of the great exchange that occurs in the Gospel because of what Christ has done for believers. He wrote: He humbled Himself, to exalt us; He made Himself a servant, to set us free; He became poor, to enrich us; He was sold, t...

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