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Archives for August 2012

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East of Eden: The Biblical and Systematic Theology of Jonathan Edwards (Episode 1)

The first episode of "East of Eden: The Biblical and Systematic Theology of Jonathan Edwards" is now online. You can listen to it here. The following is a brief description of the first episode: "East of Eden: The Biblical and Systematic Theology of Jonathan Edwards inaugurates the series with a close reading of the sermon “East of Eden” which Edwards preached in the ...

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Revjw's Book Corner 8.25.2012

Jonathan Edwards and Justification Edited by Josh Moody Wheaton:  Crossway, 2012 158 pp, Preface, Introduction, Index Books about Jonathan Edwards are legion.  So too are books about the oft controverted doctrine of justification.  So along comes this delightful little book Jonathan Edwards and Justification published by Crossway Books and ably edited by Edwards scho...

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A Spotless Lamb, Not A Golden Calf

A Toxic Exchange The golden calf incident of Exodus 32 provides us with a vivid illustration of what can go wrong when we fall into brazen idolatry.  If when you read Paul’s comments in Romans 1 where he talks about the exchange of the truth for the lie, you wondered what that looks like, here is your picture.  This is an account of in-your-face idolatry.  The unholy...

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The Theological Driver's Seat and a M16

"Is the Gospel the only truth worth defending?" Odd as it may seem, this has become the stance of many Christians in our day. Surely “Gospel-centrality” is heartily welcomed, since the Gospel is the doctrine of first importance (1 Cor. 1:17; 15:3-4). Those who have had their sins forgiven and have been transformed by the power of the Gospel scarcely need to be told tha...

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Revjw's Book Corner 8.11.12

Did God Really Say?  Affirming the Truthfulness and Trustworthiness of Scripture Edited by David B. Garner 181 pp, Bibliography and Subject Name Index PR Publishing: Phillipburg, 2012 I became a Christian back in 1983 when Evangelical discussions about biblical inerrancy were in high gear.  Not only had Evangelical pastors and scholars hammered out a solid statement ab...

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Sinclair Ferguson Sermons from His Scotland Days

John Hendrix, over at Monergism, has done us a great service by organizing and posting a large amount of Sinclair Ferguson sermons from the days when Sinclair was ministering in Scotland. You can download and listen to the series he has posted below: The Book of Ruth Ruth 1 (Mp3) Ruth 2 (Mp3) Ruth 3 (Mp3) Ruth 3, Part II (Mp3) Ruth 4 (MP3) Exposition of 1 Kings (m...

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Archibald Alexander Publications Online

Of the plethora of American theologians almost none are as interesting to study about as the Rev. Dr. Archibald Alexander. Alexander was the first professor at Princeton Seminary and a powerful evangelist and preacher. In addition to his multi-variegated ministry, he was a prolific theological writer. A fairly comprehensive list of his published works were listed in his ...

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Vos on the Typical Role of Moses and the Exodus (Part 1)

Geerhardus Vos in his well-known work, Biblical Theology, made several extremely important observations about the typical role of Moses and the Exodus (see p. 100 ff.). Vos explained that Moses was the typical "redeemer of the Old Covenant," and that the bondage Israel experienced in Egypt, and the deliverance they experienced in the Exodus, were types of our bondage to ...

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