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How Jesus Read the Old Testament (Part 2)

In my last TCC post, I sought to introduce a subject that I realized would be entirely new to some. Knowing this, I thought that it might be beneficial to give a few more examples of how Jesus would have read the Old Testament as the Covenant revelation of God written to Him. Many have come to the right understanding that the Old Testament isabout Christ, but have perhaps ...

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How Did Jesus Read the Old Testament (Part 1)

There has been something of a biblical-theological revolution over the past several decades. It is not a revolution in which new doctrines are being uncovered so much as it is one by which our understanding of a Christ-centered and redemptive-historical interpretation of Scripture is being refined. Many in Reformed and Calvinistic churches have welcomed this deve...

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The Most Important Overlooked Doctrine (Part 2)

In the previous post we briefly considered the biblical teaching on what is commonly called definitive sanctification. In this post we want to briefly consider yet another aspect of the biblical teaching on sanctification which has been equally overlooked or downplayed--namely, positional sanctification. The idea of positional sanctification has sometimes been co...

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The Most Important Overlooked Doctrine (Part 1)

What is the most important overlooked biblical doctrine? Without hesitation, I would suggest that it is the doctrine ofdefinitive sanctification.1 It was the late Professor John Murray who first articulated and popularized this doctrine. As he studied the exegetical statements of the New Testament that spoke of believershaving beensanctifiedthrough the death of Christ (e.g...

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Death and Resurrection: The Key to the Old Testament

Why does so much of the Old Testament seem so foreign and irrelevant to those living in the New Covenant era today? Why do we so often struggle to understand how the events in the Old Testament apply to us today? How can we make sense of what seems to be disconnected biographies of saints in the Old Testament? How do events like Israel's exile into Babylon and pr...

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Does God the Father Love You Because of Jesus?

One of the more spiritually edifying questions that I remember debating with several brothers in seminary (and there were certainly plenty of spiritually unedifying ones!) was, "Does God the Father love us because of Jesus?" It might not seem like an obviously difficult question on the surface. The instinctive answer would seem to be, "Absolutely!" After all, when I think ...

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The Parable of the Three Sons

I am the prodigal son. I ran as far and as fast away from my heavenly Father as I could until He, by His utterly undeserved and lavish grace, drew me back to Himself. Not long after I was converted, many would tell me how my life was a beautiful picture of what Jesus had spoken about in the parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-31). It wasn't until years later that I cam...

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What Would Jesus Drink?

If you were hoping to read a post about the temperance movement, wineries, micro-brews or an illegitimate use of the Bible to fuel the health food revolution (or perhaps I should have said, "health food religion") then you could very well be disappointed. If, however, you are looking for an explanation about what the Scriptures tell us that Jesus drank when He spoke of "th...

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We See Jesus: New Testament Use of the Old in Hebrews 1:4

The Puritan theologian, Thomas Manton, once said: "The great skill of Christians is to find the New Testament prefigured in the Old, and the Old Testament fulfilled in the New Testament." What helps us most in this endeavor is that it doesn't take long when reading through the NT to come across one of the 250+ citations of the OT. As we study the way in which the Apostles ...

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