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Echoes from a Geneva Pulpit: The Sermons of Calvin 500

In case you didn’t have the $6000 plus it cost to attend, you can now buy the sermons preached this past summer in 2009 from John Calvin’s pulpit from Ligonier. The Speakers include none other than my buddy Joel Beeke, and many more like; Iain Campbell, Bryan Chapell, Ted Donnelly, Ligon Duncan, Sinclair Ferguson, Robert Godfrey, Martin Holdt, Hywel Jones, Steven Lawson, Peter Lillback, Henry Orombi, Philip Ryken, Derek Thomas, and Geoffrey Thomas.

Can a centuries-old pulpit still broadcast life-changing messages? These do. If the life of one who is dead may still speak (Hebrews 11:4), there is little reason to think that echoes of that earlier message cannot enrich still. July 5–10, 2009 witnessed an international quincentenary of the birth of John Calvin, called Calvin500, purposefully held in the church building that witnessed so much of his reform. Fifteen expository messages were delivered during Calvin500, and they provide both models of preaching as well as a primer to re-introduce Calvinism to a modern world. Some of these preachers are at the apex of their ministries, others still on the ascent. The echoes continue; after all, in the beginning was the Word. That Word which was with God and that was God is proclaimed by these sermons. The truths from this Genevan pulpit are the same as those trumpeted by Calvin himself. Our prayer is for this Word to return to God with his intended blessings.

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