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Your Name in a Book

Do you long to see your name mentioned in a book, or on the cover? This is something that many pastors have hidden deep within in their hearts. It is a subtle desire that creeps in ever so slowly in circles where authors and Conference speakers are seen as "those who have made it," or have finally achieved some sort of success in Christian ministry. There is a desire for fame, renown and prestige that lies deep within the recesses of everyone's heart. It is stems from the pride that is the root of all our sinful inclinations. We do need to be careful to remember that it is not wrong to be ambitious, or to proactively promote God's truth in books, articles, journals, or other forms of media. In fact, the words of the apostle Paul ring true in this respect, "It is good to be zealous for a good thing always." But we must be content that our names are already written in a book--the Book of Life. Jesus told His disciples, "do not rejoice that the spirits are subject to you, but rejoice that your names are written in the Book of Life." If you are savingly united to Jesus Christ, you name is forever written in the most significant book ever written.

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