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The Love is in the Small Things

Last year Jeff Waddington wrote a post in which he had taken a picture of B.B. Warfield's handwritten manuscript of the farewell address that he gave to graduating students from PTS in 1914.

Jim O'Brien, in his own peculiarly observant manner, noticed something in the picture that may be more impressive than the handwritten manuscripts. Jim wrote, "What struck me more than the hand-written notes was the clipping of the very brief obituary notice of the passing of Warfield’s wife. Note what is written in pencil: “2:30am†“Nov. 19″ A precious glimpse into our beloved Warfield’s attentiveness to his dear wife." If you enlarge the photo you can see two newspaper clippings. The one on the right is the obituary for Warfield's wife. Most of you will know that she fell extremely ill during their honeymoon. Warfield cared for her until her death. It is said that he would go straight from his office or chapel to his home to care for her. Notice the date and time of her death written to the side of the obituary. It is likely that this was written by Warfield in remembrance of the loss of his wife. May we all be so careful to love our wives as Warfield did, and to demonstrate that love in even the small things.

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