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R. A. Finlayson on the Sufferings of the Second Adam

There are so many profound meditations about the sufferings of our Savior in R. A. Finlayson's masterpiece The Cross in the Experience of our Lord that it is would be unfair to pull one and set it over against another. That being said, the following is a particularly moving statement about Christ's work on the cross:

“The blow that struck Him reached Him as He stood in our place, for He stood solitarily over against God as the second Adam to receive the execution of the judgment pronounced upon the first Adam, and when He was struck it was not a mere unit of the Race that was struck, not even a branch of the Race, it was its root, its head, its cornerstone, and the shock was felt at the very foundations of humanity.”


1. R.A. Finlayson The Cross in the Experience of our Lord (London: Perry Jackman, 1955).

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