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Presbyterian Mission in Haiti Relief Efforts

Presbyterian Mission in Haiti has posted a list of relief efforts they are helping accomplish. If you are interested in helping provide relief, but are concerned about know where funds will go, the following is a breakdown of the needs that PMH is seeking to meet according to order of priority. PMH is a trustworthy organization, supporting Gospel-centered missions:

"A" List Priorities--Immediate Needs
The items on this list stem from the damage caused by either Hurrican Ike (Sept 2008) or the recent earthquake. Several of our PMH pastors (and their wives and children) are living in tents on the PMH campus. The goal is to locate them in temporary, but suitable housing as soon as possible.
  • Design and build a home for Pastor Gabrielle Eugene on his lot in Cabaret. His rental house in Cabaret was destroyed. He already owns an empty lot on which we can build a house for his family. He has a wife and three children. Approx. cost - $20k
  • Finish the apartment on the 2nd floor of the Foveau Presbyterian Church so that Pastor Michelle, his wife and one child can have a place to live. His house in PaP was destroyed. Clean up and rebuilding at that location will have to wait. Foveau is a small village (similar to Messailler) near Cabaret. Approx. cost - $10k
  • Finish the 2nd floor of Pastor Leon Amicy's home in PaP. It sustained no visible damage. Pastor Octavius Delfils and his family can live on the 2nd floor for the time being. Clean up and rebuilding of Octavius' home in PaP will have to wait. Octavius has a wife and two children. Approx. cost - $10k
  • Complete the new bridge across the river to join the road to the PMH campus. The old bridge was ordered to be demolished by the local mayor of Cabaret after Hurrican Ike. So, the old bridge is now lying in pieces in the river bed and we have no way to get vehicles from the road to the PMH campus. You may have noticed the make-shift wooden bridge in the Lespwa team video. Approx. cost - $80k
  • Find a location for the 6th Presbyterian Church in PaP to meet until a more permanent location can be found. Approx. cost - $TBD (going rate for rental space)
  • Relief and outreach to the Cabaret community. Given the local mayor's change of heart toward PMH, and the dire needs faced by Haitians since the earthquake, we want to seize the opportunity to be salt and light in Cabaret. The mayor's staff is very excited about our ideas. They have offered to let us use a nearly finished medical clinic (built by Habitat for Humanity) located about 5 minutes up the road. It has 10 rooms, 3 bathrooms, but no water or electricity. Nevertheless, it could easily be used by one of our short-term medical teams to hold clinic for this community. The clinic sits on 2 acres of land that we could also use as a "community garden" to train the locals in various gardening techniques. There is a dfferent piece of land in another location that they offered to us to use as a "refugee camp" for displaced families. They were willing, excited even, for us to host VBS for the children on the days we hold clinic. In light of this, we thought it would be good for each short-term team to devote one day of their week to the broader community of Cabaret -- to host a "community work day". Projects could include holding a medical clinic and VBS, of course, but also things like painting government buildings, rebuilding someone's home, giving food, etc, anything that would be of service to the leaders and people of this community so that the grace of Christ would become visible. These are tremendous opportunities for the PMH staff and our short-term mission teams. Approx. cost - $TBD
"B" List Priorities
  • Finish the 2nd floor of the orphanage (tile work, plumbing, windows, electrical). This is actually going to be tackled by Bob Bradbury's team due to the short notice of our report. Approx. cost - $5,000 (already paid by Bob's team)
  • Plaster the exterior walls of all remaining buildings on the PMH campus. Approx. cost - $4,000
  • Clean up ruined home and build new home for the family of Pastor Octavius. His home was demolished by the earthquake, but he does own the property. Also, evaluate the damage to the home of Pastor Michelle and Mr. Remy Amicy (Charles and Leon's brother) in PaP and assist with repairs. Approx. cost - $TBD
  • Build the new building for the St. Marc Presbyterian Church. Approx. cost - $80k gross (we will get back $15k once we sell the old St. Marc church location)
  • Design, build, and stock a legitimate medical / dental / pharmaceutical clinic on the PMH campus. Approx. cost - $100k+
  • Purchase land in PaP to build a permanent home for congregation of 6th Presbyterian Church, but also for the future Reformed Presbyterian Seminary in Haiti (classrooms, dormitories, etc.). Approx. cost - $150k+
"C" List Priorities
  • Encourage business development in the Cabaret community. Possibly build a building that could house a bakery, etc. Land adjacent to PMH campus has already been purchased for such a purpose. Approx. cost - $50k
  • Build an administrative office on the PMH campus to provide space for the pastoral and administrative staff. Approx. cost - $50k
  • Build a guest house on the PMH campus to provide more room for teams. Approx. cost - $100k

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