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Uncovering Noah's Ark?

Here is a video in which evangelical archeologists in Turkey are shown discovering what they believe to be Noah's Ark 13,000 feet up Mt. Ararat.

For decades pictures have been taken, as people have flown over Mt. Ararat, of objects that were thought to have been the Ark. Needless to say, the images recorded in this video lend a plausibility to the proposal. It appears that the Turkish government also believes that this 4800 year structure  is worthy of protection until the entirety of it can be uncovered. You can read more details here, and here.

Below is a picture of a compartment suggested to have been a housing chamber for animals.

On one hand, whether this is Noah's Ark or not makes little to no difference. The belief in a world-wide catastrophic flood is grounded on the authority of God's word. The authority of Scripture is not subject to empirical evidences external to Scripture. However, the truthfulness of Scripture is not at odds with historical evidence. It is interesting to see how epsitemologically challenged archeologists, historians, and liberal news reporters are ready to dismiss, out of hand, the possibility of this being the Ark because of their own faulty presuppositions.

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