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Eric Alexander on the Work of the Spirit in the Book of Acts

Eric Alexander very wisely notes the foundational and temporary functions of the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts:

If we are to understand the New Testament's teaching on the Holy Spirit we must concentrate on the teaching of Jesus in the Gospels, and on the systematic exposition in the Epistles—rather than on the narrative in the Book of Acts. A great deal of confusion in our thinking has been derived from a sense that the full range of experiences described in the Book of Acts ought necessarily to be our own. We have to remember that the narratives in the Book of Acts are primarily historical, and not doctrinal, treatises. For this reason we must try to gather together some of the teaching of John's Gospel on the ministry of the Holy Spirit; and out of all the riches there to focus our attention upon four titles given to the Holy Spirit.” (Eric J. Alexander The Work of the Holy Spirit in Our Hearts)

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