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Why Did God Live in a Tent?

This is a particularly thought provoking sermon, by David Murray, on the significance of God's dwelling in the tabernacle. The Lord dwelt in the tent of meeting because His people dwelt in tents. He had promised to be their God. He had promised to dwell with His people. In order to do this, God became like His people. Israel dwelt in tents, so God dwelt in a tent. This is, of course, pointing forward to the fulfillment of the covenant promises in Jesus Christ. In Jesus, the fullness of the Godhead dwelt bodily. As the children had partaken of flesh and blood, so He Himself likewise shared in the same..."  (Heb. 2:14). God came to be with His people by taking on the human nature of His people in Jesus Christ. The Lord "tabernacled" (John 1:14) with His people in the body, the tent, of Jesus.

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