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Christ and the Tent in the Wilderness

In recent years a number of volumes have been written which seek to deal with the biblical theology of the Tabernacle in the wilderness. This subject is important because the Tabernacle was, in a very real sense, the first stepping stone to the restoration of the dwelling of God with man which Adam forfeited in the Garden-Temple of Eden. The Tabernacle (which was in a very real sense the proto-Temple) resurfaces in the NT in the teaching of the book of Hebrews. So much of the biblical theology of the Tabernacle is built on the inspired teaching of the writer of Hebrews. There we are taught that the Tabernacle was a symbolic copy of the heavenly realities. We also learn that the Tabernacle was a type of Christ, the great High Priest who "tabernacled among us" and who "passed through the heavens" into the true Most Holy Place. The writer of Hebrews tell us that the body of Jesus was the veil to the Most Holy Place which was rent when He died on the cross. He is the once-for-all sacrifice and the great High Priest; but He is also the anti-type of the symbolic furniture of the Tabernacle. The writer of Hebrews walks us up to this and then suddenly says, "Of these things we cannot now speak in detail..." (Heb. 9:5). The insistance that all of the elements of the Tabernacle had a typological significance has lead a number of writers to probe more deeply into this redemptive-historical storehouse of theological riches. Here are a few of resources to help believers understand more fully the purpose of the Tabernacle in redemptive-history: T. Desmond Alexander From Eden to the New Jerusalem Nick Batzig Emmaus Session lecture on "Christ and the Tent in the Wilderness" Nick Batzig "The Ark of the Covenant" (2011 Tabletalk article) G.K. Beale The Temple and the Church's Mission G.K. Beale "Garden Temple" (Kerux Article) G.K. Beale "Eden, the Temple and the Church's Mission in the New Creation" (JETS article) Douglas B. Clawson "Clothing from Heaven" (Kerux article) J.V. Fesko Christ and the Desert Tabernacle J.V. Fesko "Exodus" (sermon series) Danny Hyde God in Our Midst: The Tabernacle and Our Relationship with God Vern Poythress The Shadow of Christ in the Law of Moses Phil Ryken Exodus: Saved for God's Glory Phil Ryken "Preaching Christ from the Tabernacle" (audio)        

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