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Christ and Capitol Hill

Christ the Center has posted the second part of the four views on Christ and Culture series. This week Dennison, Hart, Kloosterman and Wilson present and debate their respective views on "Christ and Politics." You can listen here. Below is the discription of this series from the Reformed Forum:

This is part two of our series entitled Christ and Culture.  Four men participate in an engaging discussion on the relationship of Christ to culture. Bill Dennison, Darryl Hart, Doug Wilson and Nelson Kloosterman each speak from their unique perspectives.

This series of programs strays from the typical Christ the Center format.  This project is an asynchronous debate in the vein of the Four Views on… books published by InterVarsity Press.  The listener should be aware that this is a debate and should not be seen as an endorsement for any particular speaker.  Please be advised that in future episodes each participant will criticize the other views.

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