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A Theology of the Cross or of the Breast?

Not that it really matters, but the latest theological abstraction from Union Theological Seminary has to win some kind of prize. Feminist theologian Margaret R. Miles will be delivering the 2010 Sprunt Lecture at the Seminary's campus in Richmond, VA. The subject? A theology of the breast. Miles argues that the crucifixion was a violent act and is therefore an inappropriate reminder of the love of God. Miles suggests that a woman's breast is a far more appropriate illustration. I for one am a bit confused--not because I fail to see the difficulty an unbeliever has with seeing the love of God demonstrated in the death of His Son; nor because I fail to see the biblical data in which God's love for His people is likened to the nurturing of a breast-feeding mother; but because most feminists don't strike me as the type who have children, let alone who breast feed them. Does this seem contradictory to you?  Breast feeding is not the typical action feminists are crying out for. Having a professional career and a girlfriend seems more in step with the feminist agenda. As Mark Driscoll noted, many women are liberated by the feminist movement, only to find that they are now as perverse as the men they wanted to be like. The reason the breast-feeding illustration works biblically, is because God defines, in His word, the distinct roles that men and women have, and the mothering and nurturing role that women play by nature. And, incidentally, the message of the cross is the way that God continually breast-feeds His people. You can read more about Miles forthcoming lecture series here.

HT: Jim Cassidy

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