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Two New Acts Commentaries

Ministers and other students of the Word can rejoice that two stalwarts of the Reformed faith have each published a new commentary on the things Jesus continued to do and teach through his Holy Spirit and Word directed apostles in the early church.  That was a mouthful!  Both Derek Thomas and R. C. Sproul have graced us with thoughtful and stirring expositions of the book of Acts.  Having preached from and taught through the book of Acts myself I can tell you that these kind of resources are food for the soul.  Thomas' Acts commentary is part of the Reformed Expository Commentary series and can be found here.  Sproul's commentary is part of his new St. Andrews Expository Commentary series, in entitled Acts:  You Will Be My Witnesses to the End of the Earth and can be found here.  Note well that both of t these commentaries are based upon sermon series and so they are especially useful for personal enrichment.  I have found previous volumes in both of these series to be quite helpful.  I believe you will too.

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