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The Favorite 500

In light of the recent discussions about the role of bloggers on social media, I've compiled a list of blog posts and articles that I've most enjoyed writing--either for this blog or for other online publications--over the past 8 years. I started blogging 12 years ago; and, have written somewhere around 2000 posts or articles over that time. As the years have progressed, I've sought to make the content of many of the posts more substantive in nature for the simple reason that I believe that many are willing to, in fact, spend time reading longer posts and articles online. Blogs continue to play a crucial role in the propagation of truth--whether in the form of doctrinal, exegetical, historical or practical theology. To that end, here are 500 posts that I have most thoroughly enjoyed writing over the past 8 years, that have gotten the most readership and that I hope will have, in some small way, been beneficial to the readers.
  1. Welcome One Another (Tabletalk)
  2. Legalism Defined (Tabletalk)
  3. Faithfulness and Fruitfulness (Tabletalk)
  4. What is Brotherly Love? (Tabletalk)
  5. How Jesus Read the Scriptures (Tabletalk)
  6. How Jesus Brings Peace (Tabletalk)
  7. What Did Jesus Mean by "The World"? (Tabletalk)
  8. The Cross and the Believer's home (Tabletalk)
  9. Disarming the Devil (Tabletalk)
  10. The Vertical Dimensions of the Cross (Tabletalk)
  11. Why is the Substitutionary Atonement Essential (Tabletalk)
  12. Why We Need a Priest (Tabletalk)
  13. How Does Jesus' Temptation Link Him to Israel? (Tabletalk)
  14. The Blessed Repetition of Redemptive History (Tabletalk)
  15. Who is the True Israel? (Tabletalk)
  16. The Gift of Entertainment (Tabletalk)
  17. Holy War Jesus-Style (Tabletalk)
  18. The Idol Crushing King (Tabletalk)
  19. The Ark of the Covenant (Tabletalk)
  20. Take Heed (Tabletalk)
  21. The Deep Things of Christ (Tabletalk)
  22. The Allurement of Christ (Tabletalk)
  23. A Sinless Life (Tabletalk)
  24. Mercy Triumphs Through Suffering (Tabletalk)
  25. A Life of Blessing and Rest (Tabletalk)
  26. The Secret of Sanctification (Tabletalk)
  27. Fear of Man (Tabletalk)
  28. The Peril of Wandering (Tabletalk)
  29. It's the Little Things (Tabletalk)
  30. The Inner Ring (Tabletalk)
  31. Signs and Wonders: Christ's Gifts of the Spirit (Modern Reformation)
  32. The Role of the Spirit in Current Trinitarian Controversies (Modern Reformation)
  33. The Sin-Bearing, Curse Removing Second Adam
  34. The Sin-Bearing, Curse Removing True Israel
  35. The Obedience of the Second Adam and True Israel
  36. A Biblical Theology of the Clouds
  37. A Biblical Theology of Food and Drink
  38. A Biblical Theology of Burial
  39. A Biblical Theology of Time
  40. A Biblical Theology of Locusts
  41. A Biblical Theology of Mountains
  42. A Biblical Theology of the Tribe of Judah
  43. A Biblical Theology of Light and Darkness
  44. A Biblical Theology of Exile and Restoration in the OT Prophets
  45. A Biblical Theology of Burial
  46. A Biblical Theology of the Trees of the Garden
  47. A Biblical Theology of Clothing
  48. A Biblical Theology of Glory
  49. A Biblical Theology of Oil
  50. The Cursed and Blessed Ground (A Biblical Theology of the Ground)
  51. The Curse Reversed
  52. A Brief Redemptive History of Animals
  53. A Match Made in Heaven
  54. The Church Comes First
  55. As Seems Best to Them
  56. Intramural Battle Wounds
  57. The Reciprocal Wisdom of Proverbs 31
  58. Father-to-Son Talks
  59. 6 Thoughts on Sacred Space
  60. 7 Thoughts on Sacred Time
  61. A Divine Division
  62. The Theological Significance of the Eighth Day
  63. The New Creation Spirit of Christmas
  64. The Son Hung on a Tree (A Biblical Theology of Trees)
  65. The Noahic Covenant and Redemptive History
  66. The Righteous One of Psalm 1
  67. Jesus: True Israel of the First Gospel
  68. Jesus: The Breath of Life
  69. Jesus: Antitypical Sojourner and Exile in a Foreign Land (A Biblical Theology of Sojourning)
  70. Everlasting Types and Ordinances of the Everlasting Christ
  71. Christological Principles of Typology
  72. Old Testament Personal Types and Shadows of Christ
  73. The Clean for the Unclean (A Biblical Theology of Ceremonial Cleansing)
  74. The Resurrection Power of Jesus
  75. Gospel Justice
  76. Fostering Relationships Between Church Leaders
  77. Symbols of Christ in the Wilderness
  78. Christ and the Tent in the Wilderness
  79. The Ark of the Covenant and the Empty Tomb
  80. The Last of the Levites
  81. The Firstborn, the Levites, Substitution and the Redemption Money
  82. The Presence of God Promised and Typified in the Death of Jacob and Joseph
  83. Boaz: The Law-Keeping/Debt-Paying Redeemer
  84. The Aroma of Christ
  85. The Circumcision of Christ
  86. On the Sabbath, Ceremonial Sabbaths, the Lord's Day and the Day of the LORD
  87. The Parable of Three Lost Sons
  88. The God Who Loves Finished Work
  89. The Wisdom of the Son (Seeing Christ in the Proverbs)
  90. A Covenantal Approach to the Song of Songs
  91. The Songs of the Son (Seeing Christ in the Psalms)
  92. A Law-Keeping Redeemer is Born
  93. The Serpent on the Pole and the Cross of Christ
  94. Jesus, the True and Greater Gardener
  95. Jesus' Ark
  96. The God of Typological Recapitulation
  97. Eternalizing the Old Testament
  98. The Symbolism of the Rainbow
  99. Baptized with the Transgressors
  100. Guardian Angels? 
  101. A Sense of the Love of Christ
  102. Four Gospels?
  103. Vos on Old Testament Theophanies
  104. Grace Is a Person
  105. Christ, The Tree of Life
  106. Grace Is a Gift
  107. The Internal Witness of Scripture
  108. Our Shield and Reward
  109. Cities of Refuge
  110. A Mountain Range Christmas
  111. God Has Spoken
  112. The Role of the Spirit in the Life of Christ
  113. Jonathan Edwards on Adam and the Tree of Life
  114. The Offices of Christ and the Marks of the Church
  115. Imagining the Image of God
  116. The Justification of Imputation
  117. James and Justification: Which Court?
  118. Maintaining Unity in the PCA
  119. The Most Important Overlooked Doctrine (Part 1)
  120. The Most Important Overlooked Doctrine (Part 2)
  121. Taking Up the Hammer and the Nails (A Theology of Apostasy)
  122. Which Systematic Theology is Best?
  123. Satan Bound?
  124. Manhood and Resurrection
  125. Jesus Christ: Savior or Example
  126. Modern Judaizers
  127. You'll Meet Them All
  128. Sainthood
  129. Work and Rest
  130. Is the Fourth Commandment Required for Christians?
  131. The Scriptural Witness to the Historicity of Adam
  132. The Third Use of the Law and the Finished Work of Christ
  133. Understanding the Law and its Uses
  134. Three Ways the New Testament Writers Quote the Old Testament
  135. How Redemptive-History and Example Meet in the Book of Hebrews
  136. The Church: Organizism or Organization
  137. The Gospel of the Forty Days
  138. Jesus' Compassion for Sinners
  139. A Thanksgiving Jesus
  140. The Human Growth of Jesus
  141. The Hardest Week
  142. The Great Redemptive Multi-Tasker
  143. The Grace of Remembering
  144. Mansions in Glory?
  145. A Faith that Triumphs and Suffers
  146. No Greeting From the Holy Spirit?
  147. Jesus on the Inerrancy and Infallibility of Scripture
  148. The Covenant of Grace in Time and Eternity
  149. When God Swears to God
  150. Taking Up the Hammer and the Nails (A Theology of Apostacy)
  151. Jesus' Compassion for Sinners
  152. The Real Miracle
  153. Jesus' Miracles: Types of Spiritual Realities
  154. 5 Important Theological Pairs
  155. Heir of All Things
  156. The Flesh/Spirit Distinction in Paul
  157. Did Jesus Descend into Hell?
  158. The Elemental Principles of the World
  159. The Transmission and Identification of the Inerrant Text
  160. Noah, Jesus and Preaching to Spirits
  161. The "Signs" of Tongues and Prophecy in 1 Cor. 14:20-25
  162. The Holy Spirit Says...
  163. Jesus and the World to Come
  164. On Headship, Hats, Hair and Historical Context
  165. The "Not I, but the Lord...I say, not the Lord" Sayings of Paul
  166. Suffering, Chastisement and the Fatherly Love of God
  167. John's Use of the Song of Songs in the Book of Revelation
  168. No More Consciousness of Sin
  169. Uncommon and Courageous Conviction
  170. Life-Changing Sermons
  171. A Year-End Self-Evaluation
  172. The Kinsman Redeemer
  173. Low Expectations…
  174. Joseph Did You Know?
  175. Sinful Anger: Its Cause and Cure
  176. The Minister’s Grit
  177. The Future of Emptiness
  178. When the Father Sacrificed the Son
  179. The Spirit in the Old and New Testament
  180. A Redemptive Historical Lamb
  181. The Covenant of Works, the Law and the Mosaic Covenant (Geerhadus Vos)
  182. Geerhardus Vos on Supra- and Infra- Lapsarianism
  183. Luther and Calvin on Galatians 5:6
  184. Calvin and Edwards on Works of the Law
  185. Edwards on Spiritual Pride
  186. Jonathan Edwards on the Demand and Curse of the Law
  187. Jonathan Edwards on Adam and the Tree of Life
  188. Warfield, Biblical Doctrines and Confessionalism
  189. 10 Must Read Pre-Reformation Works
  190. The Sorrow and Joy of Imputation (Hugh Martin)
  191. 6 Ingredients of Jesus' Bitter Cup (Isaac Ambrose)
  192. Thomas Boston on the Glory of Man at Creation and Redemption
  193. Samuel Miller Publications Online
  194. Archibald Alexander Publications Online
  195. Vos on the Typical Role of Moses and the Exodus
  196. Adolphe Monond on Jesus, the Mystery of Godliness
  197. Luther on Seeing the Savior in a Poor, Beggar Baby
  198. Machen on Getting as Little Truth as Possible
  199. Vos on the Difference Between a Prophet and a Priest
  200. Spurgeon on Expositional Reading and Preaching in the Worship Service
  201. C.S. Lewis on the Right of Private Judgment
  202. Because There Was No Sun (Calvin on Gen. 1:11)
  203. A Pastor's Love for Christ
  204. Machen on Getting As Little Truth As Possible
  205. The Patriotic Church
  206. The Heart of the Reformation
  207. Losing Loved Ones and Having Regrets
  208. Fear and Sonship
  209. A Pastor's Love for Christ (Tabletalk)
  210. A Romantic View of Ministry
  211. The Fine Line (Tabletalk)
  212. Preach the Gospel to Yourself?
  213. Mini-Sermons for the Soul to Sing
  214. Pastoral Ministry and Spiritual Warfare
  215. The Pastor and Social Media
  216. The Complexity of Pastoral Care
  217. Learning to Think for Yourself
  218. 4 Kinds of Pastors
  219. Pastoral Reality: Ecclesiastes-Style
  220. Extemporaneous Preaching
  221. Ecumenical Fences
  222. Handling Contentions in the Church
  223. From the Text to the Table
  224. A Faithful Seminary
  225. Leadership Principles and Pastoral Ministry
  226. Sing Your Heart Out
  227. 6 Ways to Become a Welcoming Church
  228. 7 Wrong Reasons for Joining a Church
  229. "Top Down" or "Grass Roots" Ministry
  230. 7 Characteristics of Spiritually Beneficial Friendships
  231. The Race is Not to the Swift
  232. Working on Learning to Rest
  233. The Rare Jewel of Christian Commitment
  234. Perspective is Key
  235. The Dangers and Duties of Confessing Sin to One Another
  236. The Theological Driver Seat and a M-16
  237. Time for a Spirit Check
  238. Teaching One Another In...
  239. Back to School, Back to the Bible
  240. Don't Waste Your Grill
  241. Stipulations for Mercy Ministry
  242. Contentment in the Ministry
  243. The Gracious Judgment of Charity
  244. The Theology and Practice of the Lord's Supper
  245. The Importance of Time Management
  246. 7 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Pastoral Ideologue
  247. How Jesus Confronted and Corrected Others
  248. 5 Reasons to Join (Or Not Join) a Church Plant Near You
  249. Why We Fear Grace
  250. The Internet: The Great Evangelical, Op-Ed Tabloid
  251. A Church's Coming of Age
  252. Ministering to the Mobile
  253. Dividends and Drawbacks of Small Groups
  254. Marks of Orthodoxy?
  255. A Multiplicity of Mentors
  256. Reestablishing Ministry Goals
  257. Singing the Mediatorial Praises of Jesus
  258. 7 Ways to Care for Your Wife
  259. Picking Up Sticks in the Service of Jesus
  260. When They Walk Away
  261. Did God Ordain Evil?
  262. Jesus Loves the Rich
  263. Teachability
  264. Gospel Motivations for Gospel Ministry
  265. When Christians Hurt You
  266. Interpretive Indecisiveness
  267. Of Ministers and Marriages
  268. The Reach of the Gospel
  269. Being Professional in Ministry
  270. The Roller Coaster Effect of Ministry
  271. Old Man, New Man; Dead Man, True Man
  272. The Weight of the Church
  273. The Digital Sermon
  274. A Spiritual Inheritance
  275. The Greatest Book Never
  276. Destroying the Good for the Better
  277. Reading God’s Providence
  278. When the Preaching is Bad
  279. Diagnostic Decision Making
  280. Nothing to Complain About
  281. The Sitting Christ
  282. The Ministerial Decrease
  283. The Unhypocritical Jesus
  284. Gospel Poetry at the Table
  285. The Family Idols
  286. The Last Cry of Dereliction
  287. Doctrine, Denominations and Division
  288. Criticizing Our Camp
  289. The Prophet and the Prophets
  290. When Speaking About Jesus’ Bride
  291. The Social Media Echo Chamber
  292. The Judgment-Mercy of God
  293. On Being a Lifelong Learner
  294. Nothing Should Surprise Us
  295. Trusting Christ to Provide
  296. 7 Areas of Unbiblical Conscience Binding
  297. 5 Reasons to Keep the Kids in
  298. Teaching Our Children the Raw Parts of Scripture
  299. Sophisticated Temples of Modern Idolatry
  300. Redeeming our Reading
  301. Grace and Wisdom for Mercy Ministry
  302. A Tribute to R.C. Sproul
  303. Social Sin, Social Media, and Social Interaction
  304. Overcoming Discouragement in Ministry
  305. Grown-Up Churches in an Age of Adolescence
  306. Jesus: The Measure of a Man
  307. Particle Board Preaching
  308. Pastoral Reality: Ecclesiastes-Style
  309. "...And Everything Else Will Follow"
  310. Communicating and Connecting in Ministry
  311. An Angel's View of Christmas
  312. Deacons and the Poor in the Church
  313. ...Until We Contemplate the Face of God
  314. Plagiarizing and Quoting in Preaching
  315. Not-So-Great Expectations
  316. Church Planting Mathematics: 10 x 100 > 1 x 1000?
  317. The Blessing of Teaching the Children
  318. Giving and Receiving Criticism in Ministry
  319. A Marathon Mentality for Ministry
  320. 5 Rules of Social Media Engagement
  321. An Ides of March for Every Cesar
  322. Unity in Multi-Categorical Diversity in the Church
  323. Ecclesiastical Antinomianism
  324. Tuned in Parents on the Technological Frontier
  325. Refuting Theological Error
  326. Jesus Loves Me, This I Know
  327. Jesus and the General and Special Revelation of God
  328. It's Not Until...
  329. The Least Mentioned Sin
  330. No Special Providence
  331. The Missing Strings of Sanctification
  332. Misplaced Presumptuous Tenderness
  333. By Some Means
  334. The Household Baptist
  335. Gifts of Grace For Jesus
  336. Everyone Packages Knowledge
  337. When Your Spouse Won't Join a Solid Church
  338. Three Act Night
  339. Little Eternal Beings
  340. Nuggets of Truth
  341. The Hard Job of Interpreting Job
  342. The Unique Church
  343. Six Ways to Redeem Thanksgiving
  344. The Serpent Conquering Last Adam and True Israel
  345. Bringing Our Children to the Table
  346. What are You Waiting For?
  347. Don't Waste Your Commute
  348. A Spiritual Brotherhood
  349. The Patient God
  350. Discovering Christ in the Psalms
  351. The Extra Ministry Mile
  352. Giving and Receiving Commendation
  353. It's All About the Recovery
  354. When We Worship Our Worship
  355. Keeping Short Accounts
  356. The Importance of Being a Pastor/Theologian
  357. Preaching the Funeral of an Unbeliever
  358. 10 Outstanding Theologians (Of Whom You May Not Have Ever Heard)
  359. The Importance of an Inquirer's Class
  360. The Story of Redemption
  361. Thoughts to Avoid in Public Prayer
  362. Taking a Vacation from God
  363. Making Changes in a Church
  364. Killing Envy
  365. What Would Jesus Buy
  366. How Then Should We View the Children
  367. 10 Essential Pre-Reformation Writings
  368. The Spirituality of the Church Speech
  369. He Won't Be Silent Forever
  370. Let's Make Wisdom Great Again
  371. Hell to Pay
  372. Love and Anger at the Cross
  373. The Growing Christ
  374. A Merry Luther Christmas
  375. Virgins Don't Conceive, Unless...
  376. Souls Always Need More Curing
  377. Jesus and Racial Bias
  378. Luther, Law and Love
  379. Even the Smallest Sin...
  380. Counselor, Comforter, Keeper
  381. 'Til Kingdom Come
  382. Retribution and Redemption
  383. Content to Know Enough
  384. Understanding Opponents
  385. Van Mastricht on the Scholastics
  386. Smells Like Teen Spirit
  387. Only for a Time
  388. Low Visibility
  389. Legalism, Lawlessness and Pastoral Ministry
  390. God's Special People
  391. Imagine There's No Hell
  392. The Exception and the Rule
  393. Private and Personal or Public and Ecclesial
  394. Unorthodox Christology
  395. Insider Language and the Mission of God
  396. Pitying Criminals or Imprisoning Society
  397. The Power of Biblical Thinking
  398. A Functional Imperfect Perfectionism
  399. When Everything is a Gender Question
  400. The Last Judgement
  401. The Incomparable Conjunction of Love and Wrath
  402. Decerebrated Frogs, the Straight Line and Cultural Accommodation
  403. Are Some Sins Worse than Others
  404. The Church Jesus Attends
  405. Why We Love New Beginnings
  406. A Better Jerusalem
  407. Creation, Incarnation and the Immutability of God
  408. Hollywood, Capitol Hill and the Human Heart
  409. The Old Perspective on the Works of the Law
  410. The Great Pope Within
  411. Closely Connected Care
  412. Love the Sinner as You Love Your Sinful Self
  413. Game of Dethroning Sexual Sin
  414. Why Did Jesus Need the Holy Spirit
  415. The Christ-Haunted Song
  416. Military Cases of Conscience
  417. Justifying a Non-Repeatable Justification
  418. In Defense of the Sabbatical
  419. Expect the Unexpected
  420. Luther and Calvin's Quiet Discussions in Heaven
  421. If Christ is Not Risen...
  422. The Greek Orthodox Answer Man
  423. Identity, Affinity and Christ
  424. The Ecclesiastical Pendulum Swing
  425. Redemptive History, Union with Christ and the Liturgical Calendar
  426. Jesus and the Victim Card
  427. To Be a Diaper Changer
  428. Striving to Escape the Fall
  429. Proverbs 8:23, the Eternal Generation of the Son and the History of Reformed Exegesis
  430. Running the Race of Redemption
  431. More Mercy in Christ than Sin in Us
  432. Scripture, Slavery and Social Activism
  433. Laying R.I.P. to Rest
  434. The Need for a Ministerial Breakdown
  435. The Missing Message
  436. Desiring to Rule Over Genesis 3:16
  437. Wisdom and Biblical Principles of Complementarianism
  438. The Savior at the Well
  439. Christ in Flesh and Spirit
  440. The Seed of Scripture
  441. Two Went Up to Pray
  442. The Resolved Parent
  443. Best Face Off
  444. To Whom Should We Pray?
  445. In All Circumstances
  446. A Man of Constant Sorrow
  447. The Redemptive-Historical End Zone Verse
  448. The Doctrine of the Standing or Falling Church
  449. Crossing the Finish Line
  450. The Hope of Forgiveness
  451. God's Metrics
  452. It Only Takes One
  453. The Glory of the Son
  454. From the Sea to the Conquest
  455. Planning, Planting and Pastoral Ministry
  456. Which World View
  457. Calmer Than You Are
  458. Keeping the Cross in Focus
  459. The Mechanistic Church
  460. Faith to Dry Up Puddles
  461. The Doubting Believer
  462. The John Murray Collection
  463. The Genesis of Theology
  464. Dan's Invasion and Idolatry (He Reads Truth)
  465. Gideon Pursues the Kings of Midian (He Reads Truth)
  466. Return to Your God (He Reads Truth)
  467. The Ascension: Where is Jesus Now? (He Reads Truth)
  468. What Forgiveness Requires (He Reads Truth)
  469. The Incense Altar (He Reads Truth)
  470. Jesus and Humanity (He Reads Truth)
  471. Restoration (He Reads Truth)
  472. The Faithful Manager (He Reads Truth)
  473. The Coming of the Holy Spirit (He Reads Truth)
  474. Wisdom from Above (He Reads Truth)
  475. The Road to Damascus (He Reads Truth)
  476. The Lord Rises Up (He Reads Truth)
  477. Christ Heals Injury and Illness (He Reads Truth)
  478. Guilty as Charged (He Reads Truth)
  479. From Groans to Glory (He Reads Truth)
  480. Samuel’s Final Speech (He Reads Truth)
  481. David’s Song of Thanksgiving (He Reads Truth)
  482. The King Honors Mordecai (He Reads Truth)
  483. Israel Blessed (He Reads Truth)
  484. From Exile to Victory (He Reads Truth)
  485. Tell the Truth (He Reads Truth)
  486. The Two Foundations (He Reads Truth)
  487. The Root and Branch of David (He Reads Truth)
  488. Mary Visits Elizabeth (He Reads Truth)
  489. The Lord Provides in the Wilderness (He Reads Truth)
  490. Build Each Other Up (He Reads Truth)
  491. Jesus' Ministry Begins (He Reads Truth)
  492. Making the Ark (He Reads Truth)
  493. See the Lord's Salvation (He Reads Truth)
  494. Encounters with Christ (He Reads Truth)
  495. Sin and Redemption (He Reads Truth)
  496. Our King (He Reads Truth)
  497. The Coming of the Holy Spirit (He Reads Truth)
  498. God’s Judgment (He Reads Truth)
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