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The Emmaus Sessions: The Church as the True Israel

We recently held the second of "The Emmaus Sessions" at New Covenant Presbyterian Church's study center, in which we considered the subject of "The Church as True Israel." This is an extremely important biblical-theological subject because it involves the inclusion of Gentiles into the covenant community in the New Covenant era by virtue of their union with Christ, who is Himself the true Israel. This truth impacts our understanding of the restoration prophecies in the major and minor prophets, and directly impacts our ecclesiology, sacramentology and eschatology. You can listen to the audio from that talk here. You can watch the video here.

The Emmaus Sessions - The Church: True Israel from Nicholas T. Batzig on Vimeo.

Among the more helpful volumes that have been written to address this subject include O. Palmer Robertson’s The Israel of GodDavid E. Holwerda’s Jesus and Israel: One Covenant or Two, and Hans K. LaRondelle’s The Israel of God in Prophecy.
In 2003, Dr. Robertson delivered a series of lecture on this subject at Covenant Church PCA in Houston, TX. You can listen to them below:
O. Palmer Robertson The Israel of God in the Past O. Palmer Robertson the Israel of God Present and Future O. Palmer Robertson Israel and the Priesthood of Christ (Heb. 7:1-15) O. Palmer Robertson Israel and the Coming Kingdom (Acts 1:1-6) O. Palmer Robertson The Israel of God and Romans 11 (Rom. 11:1-32) O. Palmer Robertson The Gospel for All Nations (Matt. 24:1-14) O. Palmer Robertson A Plentiful Harvest, Few Laborers (Matt. 9:18-38)

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