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The Emmaus Sessions - Jesus: True Israel

Last week I met with a group of zealous, young Christian men in the Savannah, GA area for a series of talks on biblical theology. For lack of a planned title for our meetings, I have simple called the talks "The Emmaus Sessions." At the first meeting we met to discuss the extremely important--yet often overlooked--subject of Jesus as true Israel. You can find the video from the session below. The substance of our talk comes from a post I wrote in 2010. You can find it here. For a more detailed development, see this post. You can also listen to an exposition of the True Israel's temptation in the wilderness here. James Dennison’s article on this subject is also extremely useful. http://vimeo.com/39594048 Next week I plan on talking about "The Church as Spiritual Israel." Some of the more helpful book on this subject are O. Palmer Robertson’s The Israel of GodDavid E. Holwerda’s Jesus and Israel: One Covenant or Two, and Hans K. LaRondelle’s The Israel of God in Prophecy.

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