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The Emmaus Sessions: Christ and Redemptive History

So far we have met at New Covenant Presbyterian Church's Study Center for seven installments of "The Emmaus Sessions." "The Emmaus Sessions" are a series of talks on various important aspects of Biblical Theology. We meet every other Tuesday evening at the church office (10747 Ford Ave., Richmond Hill, GA). The next meeting will be Tuesday July 10, 2012 at 6:30 PM. If you would like to attend please email us at newcovpres@gmail.com or call us at 912-727-2711. The audio and video of the first seven talks can be found below:

The Emmaus Sessions Audio

Jesus: True Israel (Matthew 1:1) The Church: True Israel (Galatians 6:14-16) A Tale of Two Seeds (Genesis 3:15) Adam, Covenant and Christ (Genesis 2:4-3:13) The Noahic Covenant and Christ (Genesis 5:25-9:19) The Abrahamic Covenant and Christ #1 (Genesis 11:31-12:615:1-6) The Abrahamic Covenant and Christ #2 (Genesis 15:8-2117:1-14)

The Emmaus Sessions Videos

Jesus: True Israel The Church: True Israel A Tale of Two Seeds Adam, Covenant and Christ The Noahic Covenant and Christ The Abrahamic Covenant and Christ #1 The Abrahamic Covenant and Christ #2

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