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The Double Crucifixion

William Still explained--in the most vivid way--the reality of the double crucifixion spoken of in Gal. 6:14. There, Paul wrote about the division God sets between redeemed man and the fallen world on account of the crucifixion of Christ. He wrote:

We like to think of the double crucifixion, envisaged here, in theatrical terms. There stand the world, and there stand I, and between us stands the cross. Viewed from the world's side I am crossed out, because branded with that hateful cross the world has no time for me. Viewed from my side the world is crossed out, for through my faith in Christ's death I have also died to the world; so that I and the world are agreed on one thing, and one only; that through Christ we have equally and mutually no time for each other.1

1. Still, William Notes on Galatians (Aberdeen: Didasko Press, 1972) pp. 110-111

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