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Sinclair Ferguson Sermons from His Scotland Days

John Hendrix, over at Monergism, has done us a great service by organizing and posting a large amount of Sinclair Ferguson sermons from the days when Sinclair was ministering in Scotland. You can download and listen to the series he has posted below: The Book of Ruth Ruth 1 (Mp3) Ruth 2 (Mp3) Ruth 3 (Mp3) Ruth 3, Part II (Mp3) Ruth 4 (MP3)   Exposition of 1 Kings (mp3 Series)   The Book of Jonah  Jonah 1 (MP3) Jonah 2 (MP3) Jonah 3 (MP3) Jonah 4 (MP3)   The Book of Daniel Daniel 2 (MP3) Daniel 5 (MP3) Daniel 6 (MP3) Daniel 8 (MP3) Daniel 10 (MP3)   Exposition of Acts (Mp3 Series)  Exposition of Ephesians (Mp3 Series) Exposition of 2 Corinthians (Mp3 Series) Exposition of 1 Peter (MP3 Series)   The Book of James James 1:1 (MP3) James 1:13-18 (MP3) James 2:1-7 (MP3) James 3:3-18 (MP3)  James 4:4-6 (MP3) James 4:13-17 (MP3) James 5: 7-12 MP3)   Studies in Sanctification Studies in Sanctification 1 (MP3) Studies in Sanctification 2 (MP3) Studies in Sanctification 3 (MP3) Studies in Sanctification 4 (MP3) Studies in Sanctification 5 (MP3) Studies in Sanctification 6 (MP3) Studies in Sanctification 7 (MP3) Studies in Sanctification 8 (MP3) Studies in Sanctification 9 (MP3)   Series on the Doctrine of Grace Grace 1: True Freedom (MP3) Grace 2: No Prior Conditions (MP3) Grace 3: At God's Expense (MP3) Grace 4: A Great Expense (MP3) Grace 5: Guaranteed Security (MP3) Grace 6: Delivered from evil (MP3)Grace 7: True Gratitude (MP3)   The Big Questions of Life What am I here for? - Jeremiah 9:12-24 (MP3) How do I know there is a God? - Romans 1:16-25 (MP3) Three-in-one God - Various Scripture (MP3) What a creation - Genesis 1:1-2;2 (MP3) When bad things happen to good people - Psalms 119:65-80 (MP3) I'm only human - Genesis 1:24-2:25 (MP3) How did I get into this mess? - Genesis 3:1-24 (MP3) Is there any hope? - Hebrews 1:5-18 (MP3)   The Person and Work of the Redeemer Jesus Christ – the incarnation - Hebrews 2:1-18 (MP3) Jesus Christ – the prophet - Mark 1:9-28 (MP3) Jesus Christ– the priest - Hebrews 2:10-3:1 (MP3) Jesus Christ – the king - Matthew 27 (MP3) (J. Rushton)   Basics of the Christian Faith A New Family - Matthew 16:13-28 (MP3) A new style - Matthew 6:19-34 (MP3) A new purpose - Philippians 1 (MP3) Life together in Christ's church (MP3) Baptism (MP3)The Lord's supper (MP3) Death – the last enemy (MP3) Judgement – the final verdict - 1Corinthians 10-11 (MP3) Hell – the outer darkness - 1Corinthians 10-11 (MP3) Heaven – the endless glory - Rev 21:1-22:5 (MP3)   Nine Essential Keys to the Christian Life Knowing Who You Really Are (MP3) Having the Right Mindset (MP3) Learning to be Negatve (MP3) Naming the Poison (MP3) Getting Motivated (MP3) Dealing with Sin (MP3) Being Properly Dressed (MP3) Recognizing What's New (MP3) Putting it All Together (MP3)   Benefits of Grace Peace with God (MP3) Putting both Feet in Grace (MP3) The Hope of Glory (MP3) Joy in Suffering (MP3) A Flood of Love (MP3) How Much Does God Love Me? (MP3) The Saving Life of Christ (MP3) Something to Boast About (MP3)
Men Are From God, and So Are Women Single and Seeking (MP3) A Time to Embrace (MP3) Guidelines for Husbands (MP3) Wife of Superwoman (MP3) Family life – basic (MP3) Family life – Fundamental (MP3) Single and satisfied (MP3)   Five Questions About Jesus Jesus said what? (MP3) Jesus did that? (MP3) Jesus – who? (MP3) Crucified – why? (MP3) Empty tomb – so what? (MP3)   Doctrine of the Covenant Doctrine of the Covenant 1: The Frst Promise (MP3) Doctrine of the Covenant 2: The Covenant in the Old Testament (MP3) Doctrine of the Covenant 3 The Consumation of the Covenant (MP3)

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