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Revelation Resources

While there have been endless volumes written on the book of Revelation--and, it seems as many interpretations as there are books--the following are some of the ones I have profited from most.  I would especially recommend the sermon series by Sinclair Ferguson, Eric Alexander and Brian Vos. B.B. Warfield's short article below is probably the most helpful three page piece on the structure of the book ever written. Henriksen's More Than Conquerors and Poythress' The Returning King are indispensable. But, Beale's The Book of Revelation is the Pièce de résistance.


Introductory Volumes

William Hendriksen More Than Conquerors

Vern Poythress The Returning King

Vern Poythress A Guide for Understanding Revelation

Dennis Johnson Triumph of the Lamb

Jay Adams The Time is at Hand

B.B. Warfield The Apocalypse

Advanced Volumes

Greek Commentaries

G.K. Beale The Book of Revelation

H.B. Swete The Apocalypse of St. John

Biblical Theological Treatments William Dunbrell The End of the Beginning

Sermon Series

Sinclair Ferguson Sermon Series (mp3)

Eric Alexander Sermon Series (mp3)

Derek Thomas Sermon Series on Revelation (text only)

Peter Naylor Sermon Series (mp3)

Charles Alexander Sermon Series (mp3)

Sermon Series by Rev. Brian Vos

Revelation 1 thru 3

mp3Real Audio The Revelation of Jesus Christ - 1:1-3 mp3Real Audio The New Exodus - 1:4-8 mp3Real Audio John to the Seven Churches - 1:9-20 mp3Real Audio In the Spirit on the LD - 1:9-20 mp3Real Audio Christ In the Midst of the Lampstands - 1:9-20 mp3Real Audio The Church in the World - 1:9-20 mp3Real Audio To the Church of Ephesus - 2:1-7 mp3Real Audio The Church in Smyrna - 2:8-11 mp3Real Audio Where Satan Dwells - 2:12-17 mp3Real Audio To The Church in Thyatira - 2:18-29 mp3Real Audio To the Church in Sardis - 3:1-6 mp3Real Audio Kept by Christ - 3:7-13 mp3Real Audio Called Back to Christ - 3:14-22

Revelation 4 thru 7

mp3Real Audio A Door and a Throne - 4:1-2 mp3Real Audio A Rainbow Around The Throne - 4:3 mp3Real Audio The Twenty-four Elders - 4:4 mp3Real Audio The Throne, Fire, and Water - 4:5-6a mp3Real Audio The Four Living Creatures Pt. 1 - 4:6b-8 mp3Real Audio The Four Living Creatures Pt. 2 - 4:6-8 mp3Real Audio A Glorious Theater - 4 mp3Real Audio The Lion of the Tribe of Judah - 5:1-7 mp3Real Audio Elders: Able to Teach  - 5:5 mp3Real Audio Elders and Prayer - 5:8 mp3Real Audio The Song of Heaven - 5:8-14 mp3Real Audio The Four Horsemen - 6:1-8 mp3Real Audio The Souls Under the Altar - 6:9-11 mp3Real Audio Who is Able to Stand? - 6:12-17 mp3Real Audio 'Til We Have Sealed the Servants of God - 7:1-13 mp3Real Audio The 144,000 - 7:1-8 mp3Real Audio The Great Multitude - 7:9-17 mp3Real Audio His Tabernacle Over Them - 7:9-17 (15-17)

Revelation 8 thru 11

mp3Real Audio A Half Hour of Silence - 8:1-6 mp3Real Audio Prayers and Trumpets - 8:1-6 mp3Real Audio The First Four Trumpets - 8:7-13 mp3Real Audio The Fifth Trumpet - 9:1-12 mp3Real Audio The Sixth Trumpet - 9:13-21 mp3Real Audio The Mighty Angel and the Little Book - 10 mp3Real Audio The Measuring of the Temple - 11:1-2 mp3Real Audio The Two Witnesses - 11:1-4 mp3Real Audio That Word Above All Earthly Powers - 11:1-6 mp3Real Audio The Death and Life of the Church - 11:1-14 mp3Real Audio The Last Trumpet - 11:15-19

Revelation 12 thru 14

mp3Real Audio A Great Sign in Heaven - 12:1-6, 14:14-20 mp3Real Audio A Woman Clothed with the Sun - 12:1-6 mp3Real Audio A Great, Fiery Red Dragon - 12:3-4 mp3Real Audio With a Rod of Iron - 12:1-6 mp3Real Audio The Church in the Wilderness - 12:1-6 mp3Real Audio War in Heaven - 12:7-12 mp3Real Audio The Woman Persecuted - 12:13-17 mp3Real Audio The Beast from the Sea - 13:1-10 mp3Real Audio The Beast from the Earth - 13:11-18 mp3Real Audio The Lamb Standing on the Mountain - 14:1-5 mp3Real Audio The Everlasting Gospel - 14:6-13 mp3Real Audio The Great Winepress of the Wrath of God - 14:14-20

Revelation 15 thru 16

mp3Another Sign in Heaven - 15:1 mp3On the Sea of Crystal - 15:2-4 mp3The Song of Triumph - 15:1-4 mp3The Temple Opened, But Not Entered - 15:5-8 mp3The Bowls and Prayer - 15:6-7  mp3The First Bowl - 16:1-2 mp3The Second Bowl - 16:3 mp3The Third Bowl - 16:4-7 mp3The Fourth Bowl - 15:8-9 mp3The Fifth Bowl - 16:10-11 mp3Armagedon (Sixth Bowl) - 16:12-16 mp3The Seventh Bowl - 16:17-21

Revelation 17 thru 19

mp3The Judgement of the Great Harlot- 17:1-2 mp3Babylon the Great- 17:1-8 mp3The Beast- 17:7-14 mp3The Nations in Tumult- 17:15-18 mp3The Fall of Babylon - Revelation 18:1-8 mp3Lamentations - Revelation 18:9-20 mp3Fallen to Rise No More - Revelation 18:21-24 mp3The Hallelujah Chorus - Revelation 19:1-5 mp3The Marriage Supper of the Lamb - Revelation 19:6-10 mp3The Rider on the White Horse - Revelation 19:11-16 mp3The Final Battle - Revelation 19:17-21

Revelation 20 thru 22

mp3Come! - 22:12-17 mp3The Sufficiency of The Word - 22:18-19

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