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Preaching that Paints the Shedding of Christ's Blood

It is all too common for ministers to step into pulpits Sunday after Sunday and never really preach the Gospel to the consciences of the people to whom they are called to preach. We often speak about the Gospel, and may even mention Christ by name, without actually bring people to Calvary, in our preaching, to see the wounds and bruises that Christ took for us. I am as guilty of this as any other. Here is a beautiful quote by Calvin, in which the Reformer explained that ministers of the Gospel are to be painters called to paint the crucifixion in their preaching so that men would "feel the shedding of His blood." Calvin wrote:

Let those who would discharge aright the ministry of the gospel learn, not merely to speak and declaim, but to penetrate into the consciences of men, to make them see Christ crucified, and feel the shedding of his blood. When the Church has painters such as these, she no longer needs the dead images of wood and stone, she no longer requires pictures; both of which, unquestionably, were first admitted to Christian temples when the pastors had become dumb and been converted into mere idols, or when they uttered a few words from the pulpit in such a cold and careless manner, that the power and efficacy of the ministry were utterly extinguished.1

1. John Calvin Commentary on Galatians (see chapter 3 verse 1)

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