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The Acts of the Apostles

Back in February I recommended several volumes the deal with the theology of the Acts of the Apostles. That was at the beginning of a sermon series I started at New Covenant Presbyterian Church. Now that I am just about half way through I would like to expand that list and offer some further suggestions. I have provided links for each title, many of which link to Google Books where you can download a free copy.

1. Dennis Johnson The Message of Acts in the History of Redemption (In this volume Johnson systematizes the themes of the book as they relate to redemptive history. It is outstanding! I only wish it were longer)

2. Dennis Johnson Let's Study Acts (If you are wondering, this is altogether different material than that which Johnson offers in The Message of Acts in the History of Redemption. It is, however, also very redemptive historical in its approach. Sometimes Johnson draws Old Testament parallels that seem a bit fanciful. Still, all in all, it is an immensely helpful work).

3. David G. Peterson The Acts of the Apostles (Probably the best m0dern commentary on the book. It is full of biblical-theological content).

4. Richard Gaffin Perspectives on Pentecost (Lays the foundation for the Historia Salutis reading of the Acts. This is a fundamentally necessary read)

5. F.F. Bruce The Book of Acts

6. F.F. Bruce The Spreading Flame (An Outstanding Introduction to the historical Background of the New Testament)

7. J. Gresham Machen New Testament Introduction

8. I. Howard Marshall and David Peterson ed. Witness to the Gospel: The Theology of Acts (A series of contributions that look at various themes and facets of the book of Acts. It is one of the most helpful books written by evangelicals. It must be read with care as not all the contributors are as conservative with regard to their hermeneutical approaches. But, again, a very helpful book)

9. John Calvin Commentary on Acts (vol. 1) and Commentary on Acts (vol. 2)

10. Michael Baumgarten The Acts of the Apostles: or the History of the Church in the Apostolic Age

11. Thomas Peck Miscellanies of Rev. Thomas Peck (Includes a series of sermon and notes on various portions of the book of Acts)

12. Horatio B. Hackett A Commentary on the Original Text of the Acts of the Apostles (An outstanding exegetical commentary on the book. Interestingly, my father went to Horatio B. Hackett Middle School in Philadelphia, PA. I wonder how many know that it is named after an orthodox exegete?)

13. Paton J. Gloag A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Acts of Apostles

14. Charles J. Vaughan The Church of the First Days

15. John Dick Lectures on Some Passages of the Acts of the Apostles

16. Horatius Bonar Light and Truth: The Acts and Larger Epistles

17. J.A. Alexander The Acts of the Apostles

18. O. Palmer Robertson The Final Word

19. Jay Adams Signs and Wonders in the Last Days

20. Roger Wagner Tongues Aflame

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